ANZRP wins coveted award for collective product stewardship


Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP)

  • Since inception, the Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) has collected and facilitated the recycling of over 240,000t tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) – that’s the equivalent weight of 428 Airbus A380s.
  • ANZRP collects and recycles e-waste on behalf of its members, who include many of the world’s leading IT brands. As Australia’s only not-for-profit co-regulator, ANZRP is committed to the responsible recycling of e-waste, adhering to the highest compliance standards.
  • ANZRP is honoured to announce that it received the Best Stewardship Outcomes from a Collective Scheme Award at the 2023 Product Stewardship Excellence Awards, hosted by the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence in Sydney last night (November 2). ANZRP was recognised for demonstrating that industries can work together to sustainably manage electronic waste.

“We are proud to be recognised for our long-running commitment to product stewardship in Australia,” says ANZRP CEO Warren Overton. “The award is a testament to the dedication of our team to deliver the best e-stewardship possible and cements our status as a leading e-stewardship provider.

“We hope that this award inspires brands, organisations and government to keep moving forward to improve e-stewardship in Australia.” 

Brand agency vital to ensure best e-stewardship outcomes

  • In July 2023, the Department of Climate Change, Energy and the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) proposed an increase in the number of categories of electrical products in the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) and the introduction of a single scheme administrator to oversee compliance and community education.

“ANZRP is supportive of many of the changes proposed by DCCEEW, however, we strongly believe that any model that the government puts forward should ensure a direct relationship with between brands and network operators, such as ANZRP, to enable ongoing innovation and improvement in e-waste recycling,” says Mr Overton.

About the Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP)

The Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) is a market leader for the safe and responsible collection and recycling of e-waste in Australia. ANZRP creates and manages complete, sustainable e-waste solutions to meet the needs of industry, government and consumers.

About the Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence 

The Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence was established in December 2020 by a consortium of UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures, the Australian Industry Group and Dentsu Creative in partnership with the Australian Government through the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.  

Product stewardship is a key implementation pathway for manufacturers and brands to operationalise ESG policies and circular economy objectives. 

Our Mission: 

To accelerate the uptake of product stewardship in Australia by mentoring, educating, and activating stakeholders across product and material supply chains. 

Our Vision: 

To see the wide scale adoption of product and material stewardship principles into business models that reduce waste generation and create positive environmental and social outcomes through good design, improved resource productivity and sustainable reuse. 

Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence 


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