AQUAMATION – To die for!  

Published on 19th April 2011 03:37 PM  Updated 27th December 2012   Number of Views: 778 

Death comes to us all and it is often more stressful for those left behind than their deceased loved ones would have contemplated. I know when Jack and Hazel passed away it would have been nice to give them a traditional burial, but as we know this is extremely expensive and was out of our reach.

More so, the actual land space required to bury us all makes burials into the future untenable.

Cremation just didn’t seem right to me, and the needless waste for ceremonial mourning, the coffin and accoutrements, is just such a waste of resources.

Sure dust to dust and ashes to ashes is taken literally here, but I have often wondered how much the human condition contributes to the carbon in the air via crematories. Population growth being as it is, and ecological issues as they are, we needed an alternative.
And here it is…Aquamation.

I was quite stunned at the ease of which this process undergoes! It is a literal solution to a number of issues that surround the dignified farewell to our loved ones.
I am further stunned that this technology has been shunned by the Funeral Industry.
This is a window of opportunity to aid a truly holistic means of memorial funerary that maintains the symbolism to which most are accustomed.
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