You are cherishing that bitching-bitching with your wonderful colleague. The day has that delightful content in it. All is seeming good and godlike. And then suddenly you feel a stream down your pants. Ah! You make a face, stand up, and ask for a sudden Adios! We know this is brutal, but this is manageable. This is a condition called incontinence that has different causes and different consequences. The first thing you need to do is to order now some products that will help you a lot in your journey and give you confidence. Confidence Club is the leading supplier of incontinence products in Australia. Then there are things you must know to keep things on the greener side.

Why you cannot hold urine and are peeing without control?

The human system is very complex to be absorbed in totality. This is the reason that one thing leads to another; this is the reason that one consequence can have many different causes and one cause can lead to many different consequences. Incontinence is one such thing that could have many underlying causes and that itself could be of different types. So, why you are peeing yourself without control could have many reasons. We will lay all the possible ones for you.

The reasons behind Incontinence!

Incontinence simply means a person’s inability to contain the urine. Why does this happen could have these underlying reasons:

  • Your prostate gland has got some infection, or has enlarged, and this is obstructing your urethra. As a result, your bladder is not emptying completely and thus leaking it later.
  • An infection in the urinary tract damages the neural pathways related to micturition. When nerves get damaged, the control gets either lost or disrupted. They start to send untimely signals to the brain that it is time to contract the bladder and release the urine. This is why many people urinate without any control at all. It is the type of Urge or Reflex Incontinence.
  • The pelvic floor muscles have lost their strength and thus are unable to hold the pelvic organs. Consider pelvic muscles like a floor. Above this floor live all the pelvic organs like bladder, urethra, rectum, etc. Below it lies the sphincter muscle which acts like a rubber band and tightens the end of urethra behind the groin. It stops the urine from getting out. When pelvic muscle weakens, it fails to hold the organs, which thus fall over the sphincter and loosen it. This leaks the urine out. This is known as pelvic organ prolapse. Causes for this are chronic constipation, heavy lifting, pregnancy, etc. However, this is known as stress incontinence. Why? Because a little stress, like from cough and sneeze, can put pressure on bladder and urine leaks.
  • An infection around the urinary tract can disrupt the normal neural functioning and can lead them to send a fake signal that the bladder is full.

These are all the possible reasons behind incontinence. If you are losing it without your control and without any stressful moments like coughing, sneezing, etc., then chances are that it is something related to the prostate or urinary infection.

What to do when you are losing urine without any control?

The first thing you would want to do is get diagnosed by a doctor. It will reveal if you have any serious underlying cause. It could be as deadly as prostate cancer, which is most prevalent in men.

Then make sure you have incontinence products ready to help you out in walking around confidently. You would not want to see a sudden pass of urine while bitching around with a friend again. Incontinence pads and pants are something that you can wear inside. Order now if you don’t already have them. Confidence Club is the leading supplier of incontinence products in Australia. Order pads if the leaks are little and order pants if the leaks are large.

And then perform some Kegel exercises while watching a YouTube video about why you should avoid acidic and diuretic food items in incontinence and why you should be doing some Yoga and Meditation for some aid.

are you peeing yourself without control? it might be incontinence!Arifur Rahman

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