Australia has spoken – but does it make any sense?

Editorial 1
Editorial 1
Three more years of more of the same - as promised by the coalition

The result is in and it was not what any reasonable person expected – the Coalition has been returned.

Three more years of the same! That was what was promised and somewhat sadly, that is what will probably be delivered.

The ALP failed to sell its message of a progressive forward looking set of policies to take the country into the future.

The Coalition succeeded in saying very little. It certainly succeeded brilliantly in selling an effective fear campaign on labor’s economic policy, a campaign that was not grounded in fact but fallacy.

They did it well!

Most people thought that the environment would be a key issue but the result has shown that it does not appear to be so and this is cause for great concern

The coalition will now continue on with its nightmare policy of digging coal out of the ground and ignoring the science that supports the very real issue of a climate out of control.

The young of Australia must wonder what their elders are thinking and doing – they certainly aren’t voting to do much to protect the environment.

The chance to further bring about positive reforms in Medicare have been lost and if you are a pensioner or the recipient of welfare payments, you will need to tighten your belt even more.

The top end of town will continue to be gifted by this government while the other end, the ordinary worker, has little or no chance of meaningful wage rises and those who work outside of “ordinary” working hours run the very real risk of further cuts to penalty rates.

The nation has spoken – but as one astute observe commented on Facebook –

“You are free to chose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice!”

We hope the labor party picks itself up, dusts itself off, reviews what went wrong and comes back even hungrier and with a continuing passion to stop living in the past and to take us into the future.

We need a strong organised opposition ready to be a strong organised and socially responsible government.

Certainly, in so many ways the future looks a little bleaker today!

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