Australian Ethical Foundation awards $500,000 to visionary initiatives

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Tomorrow Movement

Leading ethical investor Australian Ethical has awarded $500,000 in grants to 10 not-for-profit enterprises working on a range of projects trialling new approaches to solve climate change issues including designing clean energy solutions, empowering people to demand climate action, biodiversity protection, and growing female-led enterprise.

The full list of Visionary Grants recipients includes Rewiring Australia, Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), Tomorrow Movement, Environmental Defenders Office, Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council, Great Southern Reef Foundation, Gudanji For Country, Love Mercy Foundation, Pollinate Group, and ActionAid Australia.

ACOSS’s funding will go towards conducting a heat survey that will aid in identifying 1.8 million low-income households in Australia that will not be able to afford the transition to renewable energy without support.

The Environmental Defenders Office’s ‘Fossil Fuel Tracker’ monitors fossil fuel projects in the Australian regulatory pipeline, providing concerned citizens with the legal resources they need to take effective climate action and protect the places they love.

 The Gudanji For Country project is working to preserve knowledge being lost due to climate change and extractive industries, e.g. gas exploration. The work will document current flora, fauna and sacred sites at risk to protect Country and establish a site for future research and collaboration.

Each year Australian Ethical allocates 10% of its profits* to fund initiatives that drive positive outcomes for the planet, people and animals. More than $9 million has been awarded to grant recipients since 2000.

Australian Ethical Chief Customer Officer Maria Loyez says this year’s Visionary Grants recipients span a wide range of diverse and important projects and initiatives.

“We believe that a sustainable planet underpins all of Earth’s systems and allows for people and animals to thrive; that’s why we invest to earn returns for members while doing good by people, animals and planet, but through the Foundation we also seek to unearth and fund high impact charities driving solutions addressing climate change, and we’re really excited by the quality of this years’ recipients.

“Of course ethical investing isn’t philanthropy, but our investors and members can be assured that as their nest egg grows, the Australian Ethical Foundation will be supporting people and projects such as this year’s deserving recipients.

“I think that’s another reason for our members to feel good and know their money is working for the benefit of many as well as long-term returns.”

This year, the Australian Ethical Foundation is again inviting its superannuation members and investors to vote for their favourite initiative. The People’s Choice Visionary Grant recipient with the most votes will receive an additional $10,000.

* after tax and before bonus

The Visionary Grants recipients include:

·         Rewiring Australia

·         Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)

·         Tomorrow Movement

·         Environmental Defenders Office

·         Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council

·         Great Southern Reef Foundation

·         Gudanji For Country

·         Love Mercy Foundation

·         Pollinate Group

·         ActionAid Australia

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