Australian Winter Pool Maintenance

Pool testing
Pool testing

There are many good reasons to live in Australia and one of them is the more mild winter we have compared to other countries. When we talk about the winter season in Australia it is not the same as in parts of the world where you get snow and ice and plunging temperatures. It is actually even possible to use your pool all year round with the right care and with milder temperatures that care is nothing too complicated! Here are some things to keep on the pool maintenance list when winter comes.

Keep up with those regular maintenance jobs

Winter maintenance is very similar to the regular summer jobs you have. Skim the pool regularly, empty the baskets, clean the filters, scrub the pool, test the water over those few months.

Ensure the pool is covered when it’s not being used

Always use the pool cover when no one is in the water. If you do not have one, buy one! They keep the debris from the water and reduce a lot of that work and it lessens the need for chemicals to be added to the water to balance it.

Protect the pool from algae

One of the things you need to keep away from during the winter is algae growth. Use a good algaecide and this means even if you skip monitoring the chlorine levels one week, it will not cause a problem with algae blooms. Avoid the issues of green pool water with just a little thinking ahead.

Do not drain the water

It sounds like a good idea, draining the water to change it and refill when spring comes by but it is not something you should do. Fully draining can cause some serious damage to some pools and even if you do manage it, exposing the pool surface can lead to damage like corrosion and pitting.

You still need to filter the water

Even if the pool is not being used regularly in the winter you should still turn on the pump each day for a time to filter the water and give the water some circulation to help prevent algae growth.

Consider hiring a professional pool company

One of the easiest means to look after your pool all year is to hire a reputable pool maintenance business to do it for you! They know what jobs need to happen in what order and it leaves you free to get on with other things. You do not need to worry about forgetting jobs because your professional pool team is on it.

Remember the pool compliance certificate laws in Victoria

While not directly connected to winter maintenance it is worth remembering the newer laws for spa and pool safety that were passed in December 2019. It means you must register your pool or spa and have a pool compliance certificate issued after an inspection of your safety barriers. If you do not pass the inspection it is your job to make your barriers compliant as advised.

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