Australia’s leading sustainable dental care brand Dsmile, launches a new clinically developed ‘Taste the Colour’ range.


Award winning oral health care brand Dsmile launched its new range, encouraging Australians to embrace their at-home oral health routines as recent sobering statistics from the Australian Dental Association show 75% of Australians never floss their teeth, while one-in-five brush only once per day.

The new clinically developed range includes coloured and flavoured toothpastes, tooth brushes, mouth washes and flosses, supporting Dsmile’s goal of empowering Aussies to embrace better dental health habits through a fun, sustainable and design-led approach.

Dsmile was launched in 2021 by renowned dentist Dr Joseph Badr as a response to negative environmental and health trends he saw as a clinician leading five clinics.

“Australia is slipping when it comes to taking care of our pearly whites. Our addiction to sugar and failure to properly care for our teeth is fast tracking our oral hygiene decline”, says Dr Badr.

Over more than two decades as one of Australia’s leading dentists, Dr Badr and his team have treated over 20,000 patients.

“In 2023 there is no reason Aussies need to suffer. It’s why we created our new Dsmile ‘Taste the Colour’ range to encourage people of all ages to have fun taking care of their teeth,” Dr Badr says.

People can choose from four new vegan, gluten free, SLS free & sugar free toothpastes, all available to mix and match so they can turn their daily dental routine into a tasty, colourful ritual:

  • Native Berry – a wild berry taste where sweet and tangy collide (purple)
  • Bubblegum – a big-bodied rush of juicy, fruity taste (yellow)
  • Strawberry – the taste of lush strawberries with just a hint of cream (pink)
  • Bush Mint – a naturally-minted taste with a wild-grown edge (green)

The range is available to buy direct from 

‘Taste the Colour’ Kits 

The Starter Kit costs $59.00 and refill kits will be available later in the year. 

‘Taste the Colour’ – Starter Kit Contents One Dsmile toothbrush with detachable head (reusable handle)
One Dsmile toothpaste tube (120g) available in 4 flavours
One Dsmile floss canister with 50m of floss (subtle mint flavour)
One Dsmile mouthwash bottle (reusable)
One Dsmile mouthwash concentrate bottle 20ml (mint flavour)
A small single tray to keep your Dsmile products organised

Dr Badr is the Founder & CEO of Dsmile

About Dr Joseph Badr

Dr Joseph Badr is one of Australia’s most renowned dentists and the Founder & CEO of the Dsmile oral health care brand. He has over 25 years experience running his chain of D-Spa Dental Clinics and is on a mission to create sustainable and design-led dental products that encourage Australians to take better care of their teeth at home. 

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