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Waste installation lands on Sydney’s foreshore to highlight Australia’s waste crisis


* Australia produces 76 million tonnes of waste every year* 

* 20 million tonnes of Australia’s waste goes directly to landfill every year** 

* 1800 Tequila and Clean Up Australia have created ‘The Recycled Bar by 1800 – The bar saved from landfill’ in the form of a three-tonne truck positioned on the Sydney Harbour foreshore 

* Nearly 18,000 of these trucks deliver waste straight to landfill every day in Australia 

* The bespoke bar celebrates the creative potential of the vast amount of waste Australia is putting in the ground 

‘* The Recycled Bar by 1800’ showcases the incredible breadth of products made from waste by over 20 Australian brands, artists and designers  


1800 Tequila has collaborated with Sydney-based renowned artist and sculptor, James Dive, to create ‘The Recycled Bar by 1800′.  The installation is designed to help increase awareness and demand for the circular waste industry, whilst providing over 20 sustainable artists and fabricators a space to exhibit, showcase, and celebrate their work.  


Locally-sourced and designed items including tables, chairs, coasters, glassware and more, through to the entire bar itself, have been redirected away from landfill.  


1800 Tequila has also partnered with leading environmental charity, Clean Up Australia to bring the bar to life. Clean Up Australia champions a circular economy and educates and inspires Australians to do their part and make a difference to improve the environment.  


Pip Kiernan, Chair of Clean Up Australia, comments: “The importance of reducing waste is right up there in the eyes of Australians. We’re seeing a groundswell of circular advocacy as waste and consumption climb the public agenda. It is particularly encouraging to see 1800 Tequila showcase what’s possible with The Recycled Bar, and celebrate solutions which move us towards a circular economy – where everything is a resource, and there is no such thing as waste.” 

James Dive, Artist, comments“I’m thrilled to be working closely with 1800 Tequila to deliver such an impactful installation to celebrate beautiful products made from everyday waste. It’s incredible to see how consumer waste – including bread ties and plastic milk bottles – can be turned into entirely new usable products. 


The visual impact of the installation is confronting – but when you take a closer look, you see the incredible solutions that are available today to help reuse waste. It’s been inspiring to work alongside 1800 Tequila and Aussie artists who share the same passion for finding creative solutions to tackle Australia’s waste issue. I’m proud to be on board,” says Dive.  


Hayley Dixon, 18000 Tequila, comments: “We wanted to create a space that showcases the very best of the circular waste economy in a way that delivers a real message in the lead-up the festive season this year. 


The Recycled Bar by 1800 is the perfect example of how creativity can be part of the solution to the problem. Following the success of our Agave Project, which saw upcycled agave fibres used to create products like surfboards, we wanted to encourage Aussies to think about their waste in a different way – from furniture to household items to the cocktails we drink”. 



Open for two days (Friday 9th – Saturday 10th December) Sydneysiders can book their own cocktail and dining experience at The Recycled Bar by 1800 – The Bar Saved from Landfill – a unique cocktail experience with circular waste décor, low-waste cocktails and zero-waste canapés, with ticket sales being donated to Clean Up Australia. 

Public Event details: 

Date: Friday 9th & Saturday 10th December 2022 

Time: Cocktail sessions are one (1) hour long, with time slots available between 2pm-9.15pm  

Location: Tarpeian Precinct Lawn, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney  

Ticket information:  
– Tickets on sale from 2pm, Thursday 8th December via Eventbrite here. 
– $20 per ticket (plus booking fee), with all proceeds donated to Clean Up Australia  
– Tickets include four low-waste 1800 Tequila cocktail tastings and paired canapés 

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