Billecart – Salmon Cuvée Elisabeth Rosé 2008 $1000.00

Bucket Champagne  scaled
Bucket Champagne scaled
Bucket Champagne
The wine you can’t see in the picture is the Cuvée Elisabeth Rosé as it’s under the table.
And three of us are drinking it with gusto.                            
Yes, just another day at the office.
But if it helps make you feel any better my bits and pieces are suffering for it next day.
Created in 1988 as a tribute to the co-founder Elisabeth Salmon.                                                            
Not the recently departed Queen Elisabeth as one person thought at the tasting last week, won’t mention Ashleys name as I wouldn’t like to embarrass him.
Despite being 16 years old years, it tasted rather young and fresh and dare I say explodes in the mouth with flavours not normally seen in Champagne. Well not the Champagne I drink at any rate.
There was a freshness to this wine with the flavours and aromas of Orange and white garden flowers.
However, the two main things that jumped out at me, was strawberries but I swear there was even liquorice at one stage.
I even went as far as getting a clean glass. I gave up on liquorice, as cherries made an appearance I stopped looking after that and just enjoyed the wine.
I should point out the Champagne was seamless; the taste went on for ever then finished with a wonderful strawberry fruit acid wash.
The thing I should point out, is this wine at 16 years old was just a baby, and as sad as it is.
This wine might have 20+ years ahead of it, I sure as Hell don’t. (Not if I keep on eating and drinking mid-week like this)


I don’t have the pedigree to rate Champagne at this level. Only the privilege and the chance to drink it.              

I love my job some days.

the new way we drink in 2022Michael Lillis

the Rot has set in

Wine Fact:

This wine was delicious it really was and will develop flavours that I can only dream of over the next decade or two. Unfortunately only a hand full of people with real palates will ever get to truly taste it.                                
The others will just have too much money.                                        
That for me is the shame of fine wine.  
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