BioPak announces new partnership with MedEarth to help reduce landfill and provide life-saving medical equipment to those in need

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Australian B-corp and sustainable packaging enterprise, BioPak has today announced a new partnership with not-for-profit organisation MedEarth, an Australian charity that recovers and redistributes life-changing medical supplies and equipment to disadvantaged communities both in Australia and in developing countries across the globe.

The new deal will see BioPak as the major partner for MedEarth, as well as the official partner of MedEarth’s annual charity walk and fun run, Trails for Change, which will take place on Sunday 3 December at Bouddi National Park in NSW starting from Putty’s Beach.

With the charity recovering and redistributing medical equipment that would otherwise end in landfill, BioPak CEO Gary Smith commented on the strong synergy between the two brands.

“We are very proud to partner and support the incredible work delivered by the MedEarth team,” said Smith.

“At BioPak, our vision is a world without waste. MedEarth not only aligns with this core value by preventing medical equipment and supplies ending up in landfill but by further helping some of the world’s most vulnerable communities receive life-changing medical support. This is a cause and charity worth supporting.”

MedEarth partners with 66 health services across the country, with Co-Founder, Laura Taitz commenting on the need for support and ongoing funding to help donate life-saving medical equipment to those in need, especially children.

“Every year, millions of children die before their fifth birthday – mostly in developing countries, and mostly because of preventable illnesses and the lack of resources to treat them,” said Taitz.

“In our world, illness is universal but access to care is not, and it is with the support of such partners as BioPak that we are able to continue this incredibly important work. A donation of $200 supports the recovery of essential medical equipment, such as machines and items commonly found in a NICU ward, that can help save the lives of many young children and babies.”

As little as $10 can save approximately $1,000 of usable medical equipment and items that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The Trails for Change charity walk consists of two distances – 11km and 21km course – with the goal of raising $80,000 to help disadvantaged communities receive essential medical equipment and healthcare supplies.

For more information on MedEarth or to donate, please visit:

For more information and to register for Trails for Change, please visit:

MedEarth statistics: 

  • 320,000kg of medical items saved from going to landfill = 1 Boeing 747

  • Partnered with 66 health services in Australia to recover usable medical items

  • $7M donated of much-needed medical items

  • 23 countries to which we have donated our recovered medical items

  • 6,000,000 lives will be impacted in the poorest communities in our world

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