BioPak’s innovative Aqueous Coffee Cups win at the 2024 WorldStar Packaging Awards

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Gary Smith, CEO BioPak.

BioPak, a leading Australian and global provider of sustainable packaging solutions, is proud to announce that their Aqueous BioCups have won the 2024 WorldStar Award in the Packaging Materials and Components category.

“It is always with pride and excitement that the World Packaging Organisation announces the best of the best packaging innovation around the globe. The WorldStar Awards showcases how dynamic and technological the packaging is on a global level”, celebrates Luciana Pellegrino, WPO President.

Aqueous BioCups are made with FSC™ certified paper sourced from responsibly managed plantations. They are lined with Aqueous technology utilising a unique water-based dispersion coating, which is applied like paint and absorbed into the paper fibres of the cup. This process significantly reduces the amount of material needed while still providing the same leak and grease-proof benefits as other coatings like traditional PE plastic. Aqueous BioCups are certified home compostable to Australian (AS5810) and European (NF-T51-800) standards.

“At BioPak, we create sustainable, innovative packaging solutions designed for the circular economy. It is both humbling and encouraging to be acknowledged by the World Packaging Organisation and the Worldstar Packaging Awards, the most prestigious global packaging accolade. This recognition drives us to continually think outside the box and bring innovative solutions to market” says Gary Smith, CEO BioPak.

Aqueous BioCups are currently available in single and double wall in a variety of sizes. BioPak will be transitioning all their BioCups ranges across to this new innovative water-based coating technology throughout 2024.

BioPak’s Aqueous BioCups, paired with certified home compostable sugarcane lids, provide a groundbreaking alternative for consumers. This completely home compostable takeaway cup solution empowers consumers to take control of sustainable disposal in their home compost, bypassing the need for council-provided Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) bins. Gary Smith added, “It’s a small but impactful step towards the circular economy”.

To support F&B businesses in managing their organic and packaging waste sustainably, BioPak launched Compost Connect, a not-for-profit platform connecting them to commercial organic waste pick-up services. BioPak advocates for composting as the best end-of-life solution for food packaging and diversion of food waste from landfill, closing the loop. This waste once turned to compost helps enrich soil, nurtures plants, and aids combat climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. BioPak’s commitment to composting aligns with its mission to tackle the ‘make, take, waste’ model leading the way towards a truly circular economy that puts people and the planet first.

BioPak continues its research and development of new technology and packaging solutions to bring innovative products to market. “Whilst Aqueous currently represents the gold standard for lining solutions on the market, our unwavering commitment to innovation means that we are already working on new and exciting developments to be released within the year”,  says Gary Smith, BioPak’s CEO.

Since 1970, the WorldStar Packaging Awards have been one of the major events in the packaging industry. WordStar celebrates the continual advancement in packaging design and technology and showcases packaging excellence from around the globe. In 2024, WorldStar attracted 435 entries from 41 countries, Australia and New Zealand were in the top five winning countries.

“The increasing number of entries every year and the global reach of WorldStar prove that our industry keeps investing in efficiency and new solutions to better serve society. This global award raises the voice for packaging and brings light to innovation, aligned to the main supply and consumption chain trends and modern life needs and challenges: saving food, sustainability, branding and UX (user experience), food safety, smart packaging, among other aspects” said Luciana Pellegrino, WPO President.

About BioPak

At BioPak, our mission is a world without waste.

Our sustainable foodservice packaging solutions are disrupting the current take, make, waste model and leading the way toward a truly circular economy. Since we began in 2006, we’ve become a globally recognised brand, loved by businesses and consumers across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our packaging solutions are better for the planet – we use responsible and innovative materials made from plants, not fossil fuels. Then, we continue with environmentally certified manufacturing processes and our ethical supply chain. We complete the circle at final disposal – we see composting as the best end-of-life option for our foodservice packaging.

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