BLAKTIVISM – State Theatre, Southbank

Photo 30 11 2023 11 22 26 am

King Stingray are the next generation to lead a line-up of living legends and rising voices of First Nations musical activism.

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Stand up and join Tasman Keith, Bart Willoughby, Emma Donovan, Deline Briscoe and more, for a collaborative set, performing together as the galvanised chorus of an unstoppable movement.

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BLAKTIVISM 2023 will explore Skylore, the Lore that connects all First Nations cultures across the country through stories in the sky. Following the journey from the rise of the Evening star in the Kulin Nation to the rise of the Morning star in West Papua.

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The fresh sounds of Yolŋu rock band King Stingray will follow the explosive BLAKTIVISM set. The five-piece outfit have cemented themselves as one of Australia’s eminent home-grown acts in a meteoric rise. Listen as they weave an ancient tradition of songlines dating back tens of thousands of years with modern surf-rock, connecting to home and family through every song.

BLAKTIVISM celebrates Blak Cultures and Blak Artivism in this country, reconnecting ancient songs across the region in a powerful one-night only special event.

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BLAKTIVISM: Morning Star Ceremony at Fed Square

Before BLAKTIVISM commences at 7.30, join in a powerful presentation of unity with Morning Star, 4pm at Fed Square. This ceremony brings together First Nations performers from Arnhem Land, Torres Strait, Timor Leste, Maori, PNG and West Papua, standing in solidarity with First Nations people from this part of the world. More info here.

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Performance dates & times

Friday 1 Dec


7:00 PM


7:30 PM

Including Welcome to Country and Mundanai

King Stingray

8:50 PM






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