Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz 2000

brokenwood graveyard shiraz x
brokenwood graveyard shiraz x

YES I am Back, armed with wine stories and tasting notes.

A soft blue smelly cheese enjoyed with warm crusty bread drizzled with Italian Fig Vincotto,
and this bottle of wine.

Opened this wine, Xmas day December 2020.

A year to remember! CV19

The year my cellar door was opened wide and I started on the Good stuff and haven’t slowed down, the rot has set in.

New benchmarks have been set in stone.

CV19. Yes, life has changed forever. As a result of CV19, if you look around most wine stores you will find some bloody good booze at better than ever prices. In fact its not just the small winemaker selling off their wine at discount prices, some of the big boys are
dumping their top-end wines at lower than normal prices. So look on the bright side, I am.

Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz 2000

This wine is produced only in exceptional vintages/years.

Not even I get to drink a 20-year-old wine that often, not one that is still in a very sound
condition like this wine, with 10 more years ahead of it at least.

Drink from 2005 to 2030 as I was told by winemaker Ian Riggs at a BBQ and cricket match in Carlton park some 15 years ago over a glass of Pinot Noir.

At 20 years of age, this wine still has power, the dark fruit has softened with wafts of dried
herbs along with hints of oak still lurking in the background, there is still a core of ripe red fruit acid running the length of the wine. The wine is still alive and far from fading, now leathery Hunter Valley characters have developed since I last opened a bottle.

The wine was decanted for a short time as I wasn’t sure how it would hold up. Shouldn’t
have worried, the wine may have even got better overnight. But I will never know as I
consumed the lot with great joy. 20 years worth of waiting all over in two and a bit hours.

Enjoyed with warm crusty bread Lavishly topped with a soft smelly blue cheese drizzled
with Italian Fig Vincotto, and this bottle of wine.

That was the 2020 Xmas lunch.

Truly loved every bit of it. Yes I had a bit more than a breadstick and stinky cheese, there
was the best thinly sliced Italian boar and Parma ham.

Michael Lillis

The Rot has set in.
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