The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 2024-25 State Budget Submission calls for a focus on catalysing economic growth and sustainability in Regional Victoria.

The Regional Transformation section is one of four focuses of our submission. The other sections are Transform and Reduce Business Expenses, Transform Foundations for Success and Transform and Prioritise Growth.

If adopted, the following targeted recommendations would contribute significantly to the overall prosperity of the State and harness the many opportunities that Regional Victoria presents. They include:

  • Take a ‘Team Victoria’ approach to manage migration changes.
  • Continue investing in regional roads for increased safety and connectivity.
  • Streamline support for businesses to access procurement opportunities.
  • Allocate funds for a four-year business case to build a high-speed train service to Regional Victoria via dedicated lines from Southern Cross Station, starting with Ballarat.
  • Fund Public Transport Victoria to facilitate free Wi-Fi access on trains to rural Victorian areas.
  • Develop a dedicated planning strategy for Regional Victoria, including medium-density housing.
  • Partner with internet service providers to enhance infrastructure to country areas.

For a copy of our complete State Budget Submission please email

To be attributed to Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Paul Guerra:

“Regional businesses face unique challenges while still continuing to grow. Skills shortages continue, affordable housing and options are scarce, procurement opportunities are limited, and public transport and digital connectivity are below par.

“Business in Regional Victoria will be central to our State’s economy of the future, particularly in the areas of renewal energy, ag-tech, tourism, manufacturing, trade and export. Our economy needs to grow our way to prosperity and the regions are well placed to do some heaving lifting, provided they are boosted with the infrastructure and capability they need to help deliver on this ambition.”

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