Buying Rugs Online—What to Consider


In times past, when you bought rugs, you went to a department store and bought them.  Today many are taking advantage of the internet by buying rugs online AustraliaIt is more convenient to do it this way, but the drawback is that you only have the picture and description to go buy when choosing the rug.  When buying a rug online, here are three things to consider before hitting the purchase button.

Shape and size

The size of the rug that you will need is determined by where you will put the rug in the room.  This is one of the most important key components when buying oversized rugs Australia or any rug online.  Many feel that you should go by the rule of thumb that bigger is better.  Yes, a larger rug can offer visual interest and anchor space, but you do but you want to make sure if it is the focal point of the room that it enhances the room.

In the living or dining room, you want to make sure that if it is a larger rug, that at least two legs of all of your furniture should fit on the rugs.  If you are purchasing a smaller rug, it can be used as an accent piece.  You can use them in minimal spaces like between the island and sink in the kitchen or an entryway.

The shape of the room where you are going to put it will also dictate the shape of the rug.  You would use a runner rug in spaces that are long and narrow.  A rectangle run would help to emphasize a room’s clean lines.  To soften the look of a room, use a round rug.  To ensure you get the size you need,  use painter’s tape to mark off where the rug would go, and then use a measuring tape to get the measurement.  This will also help you visualize how much space the rug will take up in the room and if it would look right.


The material is what shapes your rugs and is also the biggest factor in maintenance, cleaning, and price.  The most common materials are natural fibers for rugs online Australia are cotton silk, wool, jute, and more  Natural fibers are the most durable but require professional cleaning.

Synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester are more affordable and easiest to care for as most are stain-resistance.  Some can even be thrown in the washer to be cleaned.  Look at where it will be placed, how much wear and tear it will get, and whether it will need to be stain-resistant before choosing the material.


Before purchasing your Persian rugs online Australia or any rugs online, check out different sites, read the customer reviews, and check out their refund policy in case you need to return it for any reason.  Some may charge you a restocking fee if you return the rug.  If you consider these things, purchasing a rug online can be a great experience and less hassle than going to a store.

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