Calmer Chai Unveils New ‘Melbourne Blend’ amid Rebrand Celebrations

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Calmer Chai’s sticky chai blends have challenged the status quo of Melbourne’s cafe culture. Now, 21 years later, Calmer Chai are releasing a new ‘Melbourne Blend’ to celebrate the influence Chai has made on the coffee capital. Previously known as Calmer Sutra Tea, this new release, landing 13th September 2023, comes as part of Calmer Chai’s rebrand, to stay up to date with Melbourne’s adapting beverage scene. The rebrand will see a full aesthetic makeover to Calmer Chai’s range, as well as a transition to stand up pouches to make their products more versatile for customers. Launching ‘Melbourne Blend’ chai offers ‘a cup of calm’ to Melbournians, while paying homage to the city’s flair with a hint of spice; flirting with a touch of cayenne and extra ginger.

Calmer Chai invented the first sticky chai in 2002, which quickly became a beloved cafe staple in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Their hero blend has stood the test of time, being favoured by cafes for 21 years. Caitlin West created Calmer Chai’s blend in her very own kitchen, armed with a mortar and pestle, and a love for spice. Despite being a devoted Chai enthusiast, even Caitlin had initial doubts about whether Chai would establish a lasting presence in Melbourne or fade away as a passing trend. When first approaching cafe’s Caitlin was met with “a few confused looks and furrowed brows”, but once hit with the alluring aroma, their interest was piqued. “It wasn’t too long before my fresh chai began making its way onto the menus of my favourite Melbourne cafes and beyond” says Caitlin. Over time, Chai has earned a well-deserved spot among Melbourne’s beverage scene. Just like coffee, chai has found its community, only instead has resonated with those seeking solace and tranquillity amidst hectic schedules. Caitlin believes “Melbournians are enriched by the ritual that chai offers, and often prioritise creating a space for calm within their busy lives”.

Calmer Chai’s new Melbourne Blend has a bit more punch than Calmer’s hero blend, a feature Caitlin feels aligns with Melbourne’s progressive cafe culture. The blend includes organic coconut nectar that gives your cup a balanced and well-rounded approach that chai connoisseurs are sure to appreciate. Its shelf-stability sets it apart from Calmer’s previous blends, eliminating the need for refrigeration and making it the perfect choice for busy venues.

Throughout their growth, Calmer Chai’s dedication to sustainability has been unwavering. That’s why the launch of the latest Melbourne Blend is accompanied by the introduction of a refillable bucket system, ensuring the elimination of single-use materials in their collaborations with cafe stockists. By adding these innovative refillable buckets of chai to their product listing, Calmer Chai is taking a significant step towards reducing their environmental footprint. This sustainable initiative reflects Calmer’s long-standing commitment to the environment and sets a trend for others to follow in the industry. As conscious consumers seek out brands that align with their values, Calmer Chai’s innovative approach not only resonates with eco-conscious individuals but also appeals to cafes looking to enhance their own sustainability efforts.

As Calmer Chai raises a cup to celebrate their 21st anniversary, and the launch of their latest sip, the Melbourne Blend, they continue to shape the city’s chai culture with innovation and a care for the environment. Their product launches and transitions put a focus on practicability for wholesale customers, while their flavours pay homage to the Melbourne palate. Calmer Chai hope to see their Melbourne Blend become a calming addition to many daily rituals. To find out more information about Calmer Chai, their new Melbourne blend and sustainability processes, head to

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