Campion College Degree Rated Australia’s #1 BA

campion college australai
campion college australai

Campion College is pleased to announce that our Bachelor of Arts degree has been rated as the top degree program in Australia. Check out students experience here of Campion College Australia

Through the Undergraduate Student Survey, our college was tested on the overall quality of their educational experience. Campion College scored an impressive 95%, placing us well above the national average of 79%. The most recent Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) indicate that our students recorded the highest satisfaction rates. These results place Campion College at the top of the leader roll with reference to Australian institutions of tertiary learning.

Campion College is the premier Catholic higher education institution in Australia. We were the first nationally to offer liberal arts degrees centred on the sciences and humanities that form a deep and integral part of the Western world’s intellectual development. Campion College was established in 2006. It follows the aims set out by the Campion Fellowship, which grew from a group of members of the Catholic faith who formed a national association geared towards the providence of adult education worldwide.

Even in this core group Campion College has set itself apart as a centre of excellence. Our institution focuses on the student’s development, both in mind and character. This core philosophy, which stems from models that formed the basis for liberal arts, certifies that the student is in a position to excel academically. Additionally, the student can gather tools to help them thrive in their personal and professional environments once they have left the institution.

Campion College keeps close to its Christian roots by merging comprehension and faith. They are given tools they can use to form a deeper understanding of The Church and its place in past civilisations as well as present society. This can only come about by fostering research, creative skills, and analytical abilities, which can be used both within and outside the college. Students are presented with information on the Catholic faith’s core traditions and its main pillars: intellectual, moral, cultural and spiritual to help them delve deeper into their awareness of what it truly means to be Catholic.

Perhaps this why our institution has scored top marks in a range of satisfaction and efficacy testing matrices. With consistently above average scores, for example, 92.4% in engagement and an even higher 98.3% in quality of teaching compared to the national averages of 63.2% and 80.9%, we have clear proof of the benefits of joining this institution and what you stand to gain upon your enrolment.

“At Campion, we not only strive for excellence in education standards, we care about each and every student who comes here,” said Dr Paul Morrissey, President of Campion College. “Our small class sizes promote discussion, and our lecturers are almost always on hand for consultation, meaning our students receive a lot more dedicated time and attention than those in other institutions,” he said.

With the statistics we see that have been generated by an in-depth analysis of numbers presented by inquiring about the students’ opinions, we cannot deny that the core values and methods adopted at Campion College have a major impact on the overall institutional environment. By using the right means to meet the end, we provide holistic education to our students. After all, in this case, the proof is in the pudding.

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