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CRIME SCENE SERVICES: 3 Charnwood Crescent, St Kilda 3182

At approx 7:10pm on Saturday 13 January 2024, Victora Police members from the 'Crime Scene Services' attended 3 Charnwood Crescent, St Kilda 3182 (backs onto Bank Place). Two other...

When driving near a cycle lane, do you speed up or slow down? Where you’re from may influence your answer

Image: Shutterstock There are clear economic, environmental, safety and health benefits to getting people cycling more, but research shows would-be cyclists are reluctant to start without good...

Understanding the Law on Domestic Violence in Australia

The issue of domestic violence is extremely serious. Violence in relationships was hidden and ignored yesteryear. Tens of...

How To Keep Your Workplace Safe From An Active Shooting Incident

Nobody ever wants to caught in a situation where an active shooter incident is happening. However, active shooting...