CRIME SCENE SERVICES: 3 Charnwood Crescent, St Kilda 3182

PHI 7258
At approx 7:10pm on Saturday 13 January 2024, Victora Police members from the ‘Crime Scene Services’ attended 3 Charnwood Crescent, St Kilda 3182 (backs onto Bank Place). Two other marked police vehicles were seen patrolling the same street approx 2mins prior to ‘Crime Scene Services’ arrival.
PHI 7239
PHI 7243
PHI 7255 PHI 7248 PHI 7266
It is unknown what the crime is alleged or suspected to be, but it can be confirmed that photos were taken of property strewn over the visitor carpark at that address and several members of the public (believed to be residents of the property) attended and spoke with the attending members.
PHI 7267
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