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Yes, wash your shoes at the airport – but we can do more to stop foot-and-mouth disease ravaging Australia

Image: Shutterstock Passengers arriving in Australia from Indonesia will be directed to wash their shoes after the federal government ramped up efforts to prevent foot-and-mouth disease entering the country. But effective biosecurity involves...

World first experiment using drones for wildlife health checks

A University of South Australia PhD student can now add 'world first' to her CV after collaborating with...

Five ways to help your dog live a longer, healthier life

Image: Taylah with Harper the GSP: Picture courtesy of Taylah Moschetti As anyone who has ever lived with a...

Surprisingly few animals die in wildfires – and that means we can help more in the aftermath

Getty Images The estimate that one billion animals were killed by Australia’s 2019-20 Black Summer fires drew international attention to the...

How hot is too hot? Here’s how to tell if your dog is suffering during the summer heat

Image: Coco, courtesy of Jody Russell Hot weather can be dangerous to our canine friends. Humans can sweat all...