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Mr Pierre-André Imbert, the Ambassador of France to Australia, is pleased to announce the opening of a Consulate General of France in Melbourne. It illustrates France’s commitment to strengthening its global presence and contributes to the reinforcement of its diplomatic network worldwide.

2024 is a symbolic year for French-Australian relations as it marks the 170th anniversary of the initial opening of a French consular agency in Melbourne back in 1854. Since 2000, France has been represented in Melbourne by an Honorary Consul.

The Ambassador said: “This decision marks an important moment in diplomatic relations between France and Australia and reflects our interest in developing cooperation with Australia. It mirrors the progression of the French community in Australia.”

He added: “We are deeply indebted to Mrs Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, who has served as the Honorary Consul General of France in Melbourne for more than 13 years in an outstanding and exemplary fashion.”

Myriam has played a pivotal role in advancing the interests of the French Republic, in promoting French language education, and in representing and connecting the French community in Victoria. She has represented our country tirelessly, effectively, and with great leadership and distinction, in recognition of which she was appointed Officier de la Legion d’Honneur in 2022.

Mrs Boisbouvier-Wylie expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve as Honorary Consul-General, saying: “It has been a great privilege to contribute to the strong bonds between France and Victoria since my appointment in December 2010. I am confident that the opening of the Consulate will usher in a new era of collaboration and economic development between the two countries.”

Moving forward, Myriam has agreed to dedicate her energy and talent to furthering cultural exchanges between our two countries as President of the French-Australian Cultural Exchange Foundation (FACEF) and through her involvement in various other causes. And our country is grateful.

The opening of the Consulate General in Melbourne is scheduled to take place in September, 2024

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