Cockburn based Nasir Mosque is actively rallying community members to join hands in helping out with Clean Up Australia day initiative

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Perth part-taking in clean-up Australia day learning the importance of community service from a young age

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth

This Sunday, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth based out of Perth’s largest Nasir Mosque is excited to make a significant impact in thier local community through the dedicated cleanup initiative. Committed to the principles of community service and environmental responsibility, the group will actively participate in a cleanup event aimed at enhancing the cleanliness and beauty of their surroundings.

Event Details:

  • Date: Sunday 03rd March
  • Time: 09:30 – 11:00
  • Location: Bibra Lake Regional Playground

The Ahmadiyya Muslim group recognizes the importance of actively contributing to the well-being of our community. The cleanup event is part of their ongoing efforts to foster a sense of responsibility, environmental consciousness, and unity within their community.

Syed Wadood Janud, The local Imam for Nasir Mosque expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, saying, “We are committed to making a positive impact in our community in every way possible. Through this cleanup event, we aim to not only enhance the physical environment but also inspire others to take an active role in not only preserving the beauty of our city but continuing the work build our country.”

Mr Anjum Qaisrani, the Local president, encouraged everyone to join hands saying “We invite members of the media, community leaders, and residents to join us in this impactful cleanup initiative. Together, we can not only create a cleaner environment around us but also develop a more loving and vibrant community for everyone through mutual initiatives for the common good”. 

Register here:—bibra-lake-regional-playground

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Perth’s largest Nasir Mosque in Cockburn serves as the vibrant hub of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community WA. Boasting over 200 members spread across the vast landscapes of Perth who all hail from a myriad of professional and ethnic backgrounds are known locally as a beacon of compassion, unity, and service. Committed to building bridges and fostering positive change, the community is not just a religious group; they are a dynamic force dedicated to the betterment of our society and making a positive impact in their local communities.


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