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Coco’s Lunch Release New Album Misra Chappu

From Australia’s multi award-winning innovators of original vocal music, Coco’s Lunch, comes their long-awaited new album Misra Chappu (pron. miss-rah  chah-poo). Crafted during an extraordinary time in planetary history, Misra Chappu heralds the birthing of eight bold new pieces of exceptional beauty and unparalleled originality, forging an adventurous new direction in contemporary vocal music.

This is heart music, set to the pulse of trademark Coco’s five-part groove – music created with love, an awareness of Spirit, and with the intention of bringing healing, light, and beauty to the world.

coco’s lunch release new album misra chappu
Coco’s Lunch

Composers Lisa Young and Jacqueline Gawler draw deeply from the rich sonic palettes of Australia, India and Africa, and between the five singers an impressive alchemy brings these stories to life. Soaring angelic lines and arresting rhythmic interplay, high vibration poetry and breathtaking harmonic movement set a new benchmark for the ensemble. Coco’s Lunch is Lisa Young, Nicola Eveleigh, Jacqueline Gawler, Emma Gilmartin and Gabrielle MacGregor.  

With nods to Pop, Jazz, World and Folk, Misra Chappu offers a masterful feast of sound that transforms the traditional A Cappella genre with five-part South Indian vocal percussion, jazz improvisation and complex songcraft.

The album features acclaimed single Other Plans:

  • WINNER – Best Song Composed, Australian A Cappella Awards (2015)
  • Four nominations in the Australian A Cappella Awards
  • Featured on the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America’s 2015 compilation album Sing 12: This Big! along with the best A Cappella tracks from around the world.

Misra Chappu also features some of Melbourne’s finest percussionists: Dave Beck, Sai-Sarangan Ravichandhira, Simone Lang and Tony Floyd (see Track List next page).

Described as ‘a national treasure’, Coco’s Lunch has made an indelible imprint on the contemporary vocal music landscape and are dedicated to the creation of soul-enriching music to be shared with vocal ensembles and audiences worldwide. Coco’s Lunch are the recipients of countless nominations and awards for their work and Misra Chappu is the group’s seventh studio album, evoking the rich sonic palettes of Australia, India and Africa. The album title references Misram, the Sanskrit word for seven, and Misra Chappu talam, the name of the South Indian talam (rhythmic cycle) where one cycle is three and a half beats.

Watch the latest single video clip from the album, Tha Thin Tha (pron. ‘taa-din-taa’)

“Coco’s Lunch is my favourite A Cappella group. A few years ago when I directed the Adelaide International Cabaret Festival I invited them to perform and they were so successful I basked in their reflected glory. Their delectable repertoire is composed and arranged by them and gloriously performed on this new album. They are better than ever.”
Barry Humphries

“While Lisa Young weaves intricate konnakol throughout the vivifying melodies, the harmony and sweetness of the voices is just compelling. Most admirable for a South Indian percussionist is the perfect vocabulary of konnakol.”
Suresh Vaidyanathan (Ghatam Maestro/Percussionist), Chennai India

“I put [track ‘Other Plans’] on and straight away I knew it was a winner.”   Paul Gough, The Inside Sleeve, ABC Radio National

“Prodigiously talented, both individually and as an ensemble…”  The Hindu, India

“A Cappella like you’ve never heard it before…”  Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National Breakfast

“The heart-stopping beauty of five voices in full flight.” Sydney Morning Herald

Misra Chappu is available as digital download or physical CD from Bandcamp, Pre-order NOW AVAILABLE    

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