Monday, April 15, 2024
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‘Conjugated Stalking’ a coming play by Meredith Fuller psychologist/theatre director

Meredith Fuller
Meredith Fuller
Psychologist, Author, Theatre Director, Spokesperson on psychology for the media, radio and TV.

16 to 24 November 8pm at epicentre upstairs

Tickets remaining for some performances

(Fri 16th Nov SOLD OUT) 
Sat 17th Nov 
Fri 23rd Nov 
(Sat 24th Nov SOLD OUT)

This play is a psychological puzzle that explores stalking. Both humorous, and dramatic, my play is an opportunity to peek onto the psychologist’s couch and meet some archetypes you will all recognise.  I am delighted with my four actors; Deb Vanderwerp, Chris Broadstock, Linda Cookson, and Hannah Bolt.  We will hold a Q&A, followed by light supper – a chance to mingle with the actors, network with other audience members.

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