Consultation critical for Australian hydrogen industry’s future


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The Australian Hydrogen Council today welcomes the Australian Government’s release of two consultations papers critical to the future of the Australian hydrogen industry. The consultations include the review of the National Hydrogen Strategy developed in 2019 and the design of a $2 billion Hydrogen Headstart Program announced in the recent Federal Budget.

Please attribute the following statement to Dr Fiona Simon, CEO of the Australian Hydrogen Council:

“We welcome the release of these two consultation papers. We’re at a critical juncture where we need to act quickly and strategically to ensure the Australian hydrogen industry can capitalise on the immense opportunity that we have both domestically and as an exporter.

“There has been significant change since the last National Hydrogen Strategy both globally and at home, and as an industry we are in a better position to choose priorities and go after them.

“The $2 billion Hydrogen Headstart is an important priority that will keep Australia competitive and we must get the design right. This will help shape future policies and incentives.

“As Australia’s peak body for the emerging clean and renewable hydrogen industry, we look forward to engaging with our members and stakeholders to share a clear industry response to support the Australian Government in its objectives.

“We encourage industry to have their say in these consultations, as it is a critical first step which will inform the development of the revised National Hydrogen Strategy and policy design for Headstart.”

The two consultations papers are available below:

About Australian Hydrogen Council

The Australian Hydrogen Council is the peak representative body for the Australian hydrogen industry, with members from across the hydrogen value chain. We represent the emerging hydrogen industry and connect it with its stakeholders to collectively create a clean and resilient energy future that has hydrogen as a key part of the energy mix.

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