Courtside Children – How To Get Your Kids Into Tennis

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Why wouldn’t you want your children to grow an appreciation for tennis? It’s such a graceful sport that can be enjoyed solo or with the company of your friends. Almost all schools offer tennis to their students, and there is a wealth of private courts that you can frequent with your little ones or even send them to private classes. If you’re sitting on the net about whether or not to get your kids into tennis, here’s why and how they can get more court time.

Equipment they’ll love

Kids love kit, and if we’re being honest – so do parents. But it goes far beyond the tennis wear and accessories, as fresh as they may look. It comes down to buying quality kids tennis rackets for your future little champions, as they won’t want to get out there with something that doesn’t make them feel good. When trying a new activity, feeling like you look the part is the first step so don’t deny them that safety net. Choose a colour that they will love to swing over their shoulder, and watch their passion for tennis grow.

Double the fun

Tennis is a sport that can be incredibly social. If you are introducing your child to the game, then some other children may solidify their interest. By enrolling in a school tennis program or private lessons your child will be rubbing shoulders with kids of their own age, playing against one another as they learn. It also presents a great weekend activity for social catch ups with parents and kids. Court hire is also incredibly easy to facilitate, not to mention affordable. Bestow a hobby on your child that means they can pick up a racket with friends, new and old, and play in small and large groups.

Out in the Open

Well it’s hard not to have an interest in tennis, especially in January. Start to watch a few Australian Open matches with your family, and even try get to a game or two if you are Victoria-based. Tennis is often referred to as a royal or respectable sport, and so many of the players are strong ambassadors and role models for those tiny tennis players. By investing time in educating your children on the Open’s (Australia and beyond), you can expose them to some of the generations most elite athletes – which are better role models than some of the other options out there.

Change of scenery

Going on holidays and fancy a spot of tennis? No worries. Tennis is one of those sports that you could probably practice anywhere in the world. Most hotels are fitted with tennis courts which means you and your children can get out in the sun and be active while you holiday. You’ll also find that many tennis clubs have camps where children spend a few nights in a remote location, and get to play on new courts and even play different players in the region. Tennis is a great way to see the country and dive deeper into the passion of the sport.


If you’re not too keen on your children getting tackled by kids double their size, or watching them be swallowed up by a wave on their board – tennis may be the sport to nudge your children into. Tennis will keep your children in tremendous fitness shape, while also stirring up some healthy competition and a love for the game. Remember to lead by example, and take to the courts with your children. It won’t be long until they are letting you win.


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