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The City & Guilds (President HRH Princess Royal) Wind Farm Health & Safety Examiner taking UK Minister for Energy to court for taking unnecessary risks of community or nationwide blackout

Cybersecurity Wind Farm safety (code) settings compromised by Technician malware causes Statewide Blackout & Lockdown court-south-australian-blackout up-cyber-security.html Lloyds Insurance Auditors & pilot

City & Guilds Examiner citing UK Minister obligation under Network & Information Systems Regulations 2018.

Attention: Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Acting on behalf of client Networking Communities Ltd, Director Michael Mattocks, City & Guilds Examiner Wind Farm Technicians & correspondence email 24th Sept 2019

Please accept this Preliminary Notice of a negligence claim:

With respect to breach of duty under legislation

‘The Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 Part 5

Enforcement and penalties

Information notices

  1. (2) A designated competent authority may serve an information notice upon an OES requiring that person to provide it with information that it reasonably requires to assess
  • the security of the OES’s network and information systems; and
  • the implementation of the operator’s security policies, including any about inspections conducted under regulation 16 and any underlying evidence in relation to such an inspection’

& The requirement to serve an information notice to Wind Farm operators regards the completion by all Wind Farm Technicians & Operational Controllers of City & Guilds Certification City & Guilds Cybersecurity E-Learning Course Level 3  Diploma City and Guilds Electrical Power Engineering Wind Turbine  Maintenance : Health & Safety in the Power Industry (Q 2339 97 Unit 750

On winning the case or acceptance of need for Mandatory Status the proceeds from City & Guilds Certification will be used to develop The People’s Grid adjacent to the Co-op Museum, the home of the world co-op movement. This will be a Hyperledger blockchain based Renewable Energy Grid whereby all the Co-operatives & Credit Unions in the world will syndicate under the 6th Principle.

The Commonwealth Health & Safety Examiner would like to update Commonwealth Certification (validated by Lloyd’s Insurance auditors DNV-GL & used by the Department of Defence) that incorporate the same Siemens Microsoft controller’s cyber security infamously attacked by the Stuxnet virus.

This has become more acute with the recent Russian cyberattacks on German Wind Farms which thus far have failed to bypass the safety settings. It seems UK will be subject to similar attacks since they joined Germany in applying economic sanctions upon the Russian State.

As the possibility of a third World War continues the Russian State actors may well intend to plant malware in Wind Farms with the strategy of bringing the grid down to its knees.

Fellow Board member Chris Blask is recognised as the world cybersecurity expert hosting GCHQ, Dept Homeland Security & EDF {French State} Nuclear Cybersecurity in a recent roundtable. Julie Mackenzie (MA Cybersecurity Law) a precedent Australian Police Counter Terrorist Expert was recommended to see the Royal Examiner following a video conference to the USA with Chris Blask.

The Commonwealth Examiner has completed the Networking Module of MA Cybersecurity Law in his continued efforts to persuade the Government of the urgency of the Commonwealth Certification.

Commonwealth Certification will pay the Royal Family Educational Licence fees & power the

the renewable energy People’s Grid. The blockchain renewable energy server @ The Birthplace of the World Co-op Movement, adjacent to The Co-op Museum could then generate the Museum’s new multimedia centre to facilitate the Climate Co-Op Exchange owned & governed by you The People.

A legal trust Crowdfunding account with agreeable returns (including Co-op Board Directorship) to investors is being established with his Lawyers to help pass this Commonwealth Certification through the legal & judiciary channels.

This could be one of the roads to world peace given in honour of the kindred spirit of Bob Marley who passed away on the Examiner’s 18th Birthday.

Marley’s nephew Charles Mattocks duly found & LinkedIn with the Examiner three months following the validation by Lloyds’s Auditors.

Michael Mattocks
Author – Michael Mattocks
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