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Enjoy a Drumstick and feel great about it too!

  • Peters Drumstick is pledging $250,000 to Clean Up Australia in 2024 for the second consecutive year of its partnership
  • Sustainability advocate Andy Allen joins Drumstick’s ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard’ initiative to help inspire Australians to clean up
  • Peters Drumstick is launching two new flavours inspired by urban and suburban neighbourhoods: Iced Latte and Choc Raspberry Brownie

Celebrated chef, television personality, and sustainability advocate Andy Allen has joined forces with Peters Drumstick and Clean Up Australia to inspire Australians to help clean up their own backyard – by targeting rubbish in their local neighbourhoods.

Australia’s waste challenge has worsened post-Covid, particularly in urban and suburban areas, with Australians producing more than 74 million tonnes of waste per annum. In its second year collaborating with Clean Up Australia, Peters Drumstick is pledging a further $250,000 towards producing free Clean Up Kits.

Drumstick’s ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard’ initiative is headlined by Andy’s influential voice to call upon fellow Australians to help clean up their local communities and protect Aussie summer moments. Andy’s collaboration with Drumstick reinforces his commitment to inspiring positive change and fostering awareness about the need for Australians to chip in and help clean up our beautiful country.

“I took part in Clean Up Australia Day every year as a little tacker, so I am excited to partner with Drumstick, a brand that not only brings joy to Australians but is also taking tangible steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable future,” said Andy.

“I didn’t realise as a kid when I was carrying around the Clean Up Australia Day bag, picking up rubbish around my primary school, that sustainability would become such an important part of my life as an adult.

It has come full circle for me, so by supporting Clean Up Australia, a cause close to my heart, my hope is I can help inspire Aussies to engage in a cause that makes a positive impact on our environment” Andy continued.

Drumstick Iced Latte – There’s nothing like an iced latte on a hot summer’s day. Inspired by urban neighbourhoods, the new Drumstick Iced Latte contains a smooth blend of vanilla and coffee with a drizzle of espresso syrup and a sprinkling of choc flakes.

Drumstick Choc Raspberry Brownie – There’s nothing more delicious than a home-made brownie. Even better when raspberry is involved. Inspired by suburban neighbourhoods, delicious layers of vanilla and choc brownie are combined with a vibrant burst of raspberry sauce, all topped with choc brownie pieces.

“Like Andy, we at Peters Ice Cream, are passionate about protecting our beautiful environment, and we’re calling on all Australians to get involved locally to do their bit by helping to clean up their neighbourhoods. Whether it be their local footy oval, side street, bike path; it all makes a tangible difference,” explains Head of Marketing at Peters Ice Cream, Andrea Hamori.

“While it was encouraging to see 750,000 Australians participating in Clean Up Australia Day last year, we still have a huge job ahead of us to protect our environment,” added Andrea.

Getting involved is super easy. Aussies can order their free Clean Up Kit by either scanning the QR code on the Drumstick 4-pack (new flavours only) or by visiting the Clean Up Australia x Drumstick website to sign-up. Once received, Australians can start cleaning up their ‘backyard’ anytime. Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday 3rd March 2024.

Find the two new Drumstick flavours in supermarket freezers and petrol and convenience stores today1. Available in a four-packs for RRP $9.50 and individual serves for RRP $4.80 (Iced Latte flavour only).

Drumstick. Let’s clean up our backyard

Clean Up Australia

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