Darkbird Release “Ballad of a Junebug”

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AUSTIN TX, Indie Rock band Darkbird led by vocalist Kelly Barnes today released their much anticipated EP “Ballad of a Junebug”.

 The release features the dance indie-pop single “Heartbeat” and the latest single “3-2-Wake Up” which is an alluring yet somber follow up to the upbeat synth number. Both of which were produced by Austin’s own Walker Lukens and have been met with overwhelming response. The third single and the EP’s title track “Ballad of a Junebug” explores the persona through the eyes of a Junebug in all its darkest forms and life struggles. 


 ““Ballad of a Junebug” was the first song Kelly and I ever wrote, and it still resonates within us today” says Brian Cole, the band’s lead guitarist and co-founding member. “This EP, in my mind, is the culmination of our pasts, and our readiness for the future. We all evolved so much while working on this. We have all brought years of heartbreak, hardships, and real life rock n’ roll to this album. But it’s still Darkbird” adds Cole. 

Darkbird will be hosting an EP release show tonight at 3TEN ACL Live in Austin with only limited tickets available. The band will also be supporting The Pack A.D. in Texas later this month. “Ballad of a Junebug” is out today via AWAL and available wherever you consume music.

Cover Art by: Jackie Lee Young
Cover Art by: Jackie Lee Young

Ballad of a Junebug

1. Heartbeat

2. Get Back Here

3. 3-2-Wake Up

4. Ballad of a Junebug

5. Never Be Better

6. Bastard Governor

Lyrics to the first song Kelly and Brian would ever write together set the stage for the romantic waterloo that would become Darkbird. Kelly Barnes left Los Angeles after a broken marriage resulted in a broken band. Just prior to the move, she unexpectedly hit international success, as the vocalist on the massive hit “Get Shaky” with the late DJ Ian Carey. While the track and a few others were financially significant to the ex-wife and waitress, Kelly was ready to explore another path that was more personally expressive

After a tragic house fire in NYC, Brian Cole opted for a fresh start. As his belongings smoldered in the winter snow, he decided to pack up what was left and head south in search of warmer days and better luck. Ironically, while most go to LA or NYC to make their dreams come true, Brian and Kelly found each other on the musician page on Craigslist in Austin, TX.  While they had hoped to leave their pasts behind, inevitably, the heartbreaks found a place they call home in Darkbird.

“The slick Eighties beats and Kelly Barnes’ suave, but biting pop vocal hit with an instant head-bobber, which also marked an interesting turn to their typically guitar-flexed rock sound” – Austin Chronicle


“There’s no dark side. It’s all dark – and spectacularly badass. Darkbird reminds you that love and light aren’t mutually exclusive with their latest release, Ballad of A Junebug” Laurie Gallardo, KUTX

Photo Credit: Merrick Ales

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