Designing A Perfect Website – A Quick Overview

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Before we begin our discussion on how to design the perfect website, let’s go through some interesting facts and figures:

  • In the current era, more than 1.86 billion websites exist online.
  • Out of which, around 198.4 million websites are active.
  • Approximately 7 million blogs get published regularly.

These are not just huge numbers but the level of competition you’ll encounter when you publish your business website. 

With so many websites, it can be challenging and sometimes impossible (when you don’t know the hacks) to stand out. That’s where professional web development service comes into play!

Getting users attracted to your website is a tricky job. And then getting that traffic to stay on your website and perform some action can become a diabolical affair. 

So how do you design a website loved both by your target uses and the search engine algorithm?

Let’s find out!

Defining A Good Website

A well-performing website doesn’t just excel in the design elements but technical functionalities as well. Your website should be designed with a clear purpose. 

It needs to be visually appealing and easy to browse. It should function correctly for various user segments while remaining technically stable and secure. Good websites have various qualities- impressive aesthetics, smooth functionality, relevant and useful for the visitors.

Web design and development involves active involvement of both creative and technical knowledge. Therefore when you hire a web development expert or agency, ensure they know all the elements of good website design. 

Your website is the first presentation of your business to your customers. A website design has the power to make or break your brand reputation. Therefore, you’ll want your web design to be brilliantly breathtaking and technically flawless so that it attracts backlinks, media attention, search engine algorithms and your target users.

A successful website design should involve the following components:

  • Goal and purpose: What precisely do you want to achieve through your website? All your web pages should serve your goals and objective. If any page doesn’t have any clear purpose, it is considered redundant and should be removed from your website. 
  • Aesthetically appealing: Too many colours, big blocks of texts, flashy graphics are great for driving away your target users. Your website design should be clean, crisp, sophisticated, interesting and most importantly, soothing to the eyes.  
  • Original and relevant content: Your website should only include relevant and original content. Plagiarism is illegal and is subject to penalties by Google. 
  • Proper and precise website navigation. Navigation is a key concept that often gets overlooked. Any page inside your website should be accessible with minimal clicks (within 3 clicks) from any other page of your website. Your navigation should be crisp and simple. This helps your Google crawler and Google for SEO and your visitors with navigation.

Professional services for digital marketing Australia consider these components while designing your website. 

Let’s start with the creative aspect of web designing. 

Designing A Perfect Website

Creative Design Of Your Website

Overall Aesthetics

Imagine visiting a website to purchase jewellery. And you find images stuffed within the page, big flashy graphics, a few pictures with big blocks of text or everything just placed randomly on the website. 

No matter how reputed the brand is, you’ll never find the confidence to buy anything from that website. The same can happen to you when you don’t present your website with the proper aesthetics. 

Simple, sophisticated elegance is the key to a successful web design and development

Present To Brand Aesthetics Through Your Design

Your brand image is your business identity. Every design element you use in your website- the colours and fonts you use function as huge driving factors about the fonts you choose affects people’s perception of who you are.

Does your business involve cut-edge technical solutions? Edgy should be your design aesthetics. A modern, professional appearance will suit your website if you’re venturing into digital marketing. 

Convey your brand message through your web design. An experienced website design agency understands the psychology of colours and utilises your brand theme to create the perfect colour combination. 

Using The Correct Image And Graphics

No one likes to read through lines of uninteresting texts. That’s why images and graphical elements are important. 

Great, attractive images add value to your website reliability. Here are a few types of images that web design experts from almost every leading or reputable website design agencies suggest:

  • Charts and analytical graphs conveying certain data points
  • Screenshots (e.g. customer feedback to show the authenticity of your service claims)
  • High-quality stock photography (use image with purpose and relevance to your business)
  • Customised images, infographics and vector graphics
  • Professional photography of actual products or services (e.g. photos of an event your company organised- for event management website)

And that’s it with the creative. Let’s move to the technical aspect of web design. When you hire a professional web development service, they don’t just manage the creative aspect of your website. They also consider the technical components to make your website visible to the users. 

Technical Aspects Of Web Designing

Technical components of your website design include:

Responsive design and mobile-compatible

Responsive web design can be characterised as a website structure that responds to the user’s unique behaviour and environment based on platform, operating system, screen size and orientation. 

Rapid loading speeds

Recent statistics suggest that almost 50% of web traffic expects a site loading speed of 2 seconds or less and tend to reject a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds! Approximately 79% of online shoppers who experienced poor website performance say they won’t ever return to that for future purchases. Nearly 44% of that traffic would inform their connection about the poor online shopping experience. 

All these factors can reduce your site ranking and also impact your business. Therefore ensuring accurate site loading speeds is an integral component of web design and digital marketing Australia

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

There’s is no point in designing a well-structured, visually appealing and high-performing website if your website is not visible to your target audience. That’s where SEO comes in! An insightful SEO strategy can help achieve and maintain top positions on the SERPs. 

SSL encryption

You’ll find a small lock/secured sign at the top-left corner when you visit any website. This is known as SSL encryption.

Google gives certain SEO advantages to encrypted websites. However, the most important function of SSL encryption is the trust and credibility that it instils within your users. 

The online traffic will be more comfortable and inclined to invest their hard-earned money in websites they feel are safe and secured.

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