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“Different, Not Defective” by Kirk Cetinic is an Exhibition that seeks to effect social change by raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by self-representing works by a designer with ASD on the subject of ASD. Included in this exhibition are artworks which raise awareness of this connection.

The challenges which Autistic people face with communication, relationships, education and employment and the way they experience and perceive their surroundings are included in the work. Autism Spectrum is a lifelong developmental disorder characterised by difficulty in socialising, forming relationships and understanding verbal and non-verbal and communication (e.g. body language). Those with Autism experience discrimination and exclusion as they are often perceived as being indifferent, antisocial or lacking empathy. They are often ostracised from society and struggle to find employment.

“The numbers of those diagnosed with Autism has increased dramatically in recent years. Being a graphic artist and designer on the Autism Spectrum, I believe it is becoming increasingly necessary to further educate society about Autism, its idiosyncrasies and promote social inclusion and acceptance of neurodiversity. In addition, changing the perception of Autism which is associated with rigid and logical thinking rather than creativity, would allow autistic creatives to get their foot in the door. This exhibition demonstrates that Autism is not a barrier to intuitive and creative design work, and that those with Autism can use their unique perspective to connect and engage with a wider audience. Their talents are underutilised, especially within the creative, advertising and marketing industries.” Kirk Cetinic


Saturday 15 June


Exhibition runs until June 30, 2019

Kirk Cetinic is an Australian born Photographer and Graphic Designer on the Autism
Spectrum. He has recently graduated from the Bachelor of Design at Swinburne University
of Technology and is now working as a freelance graphic designer and artist.

After completing secondary school on a modified curriculum, he transitioned into
mainstream education after completing VCAL, which was a turning point in his life when
Design become his passion. He then pursued a Certificate IV in Design, followed by a
Diploma and Advanced Diploma of graphic design. Shortly after graduating, he found work
at a small 3D modelling and rendering studio at RAW3D in St. Kilda, where he constructed
3D models and worked on graphic design projects. He then undertook a Bachelor of
Communication Design at Swinburne. Before graduating, he left his job at RAW3D.

During his experience in looking for work, applying for the DXC Dandelion Program, an
initiative to help those with Autism find employment within the Information Technology
industry and after creating a video about his experiences at work and views on Autism
employment as part of the Spectrospective Autism awareness campaign by Amaze Inc, Kirk believes there is a lack of acceptance and inclusion of Autistic individuals in the creative industries.

Kirk’s ambitions are to become an ambassador for Autism, continually raise awareness of it and hopefully develop an initiative to bridge the employment gap for those with Autism in
the design and creative industries. He is also planning to study UX (User Experience Design) in the near future.


5/17 Irwell Street St Kilda 3182
Open Thurs-Sat 11-5pm, Sun 12.30-3pm or by appointment

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