Different styles of denim jeans that are ruling 2021

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The harsh truth about fashion trends is that new trends enter the scene and push out the older ones. The same goes for the denim as well. Some trends last only for a season, some are more consistent and perform well over multiple seasons. This is something that is always on your mind when you buy denim jeans.

However, for many people, it can be perplexing to pick jeans that endure the seasonal transitions and keep up for a longer period. To assist your choice and help you make a more informed selection, here are some popular trends in denim jeans that are popping up everywhere this year.

  • The 90’s Jeans

The 90’s jeans, also called the Dad’s Jeans have been gaining popularity for a few months now. What used to be masculine clothing in the 90s has now become gender-neutral over time. These are ideal for those who have a thing for loose fits and love comfort. However, these jeans are long, loose, and best paired with sneakers which still attributes to a men’s ensemble.

Owing to the comfort, these dad’s jeans are quickly pitching ahead of the mom’s jeans as many magazines covers models choose this style. The most popular looks are lighter denim such as vintage faded blue or white.

  • The Mom Jeans

No doubt, dad’s jeans are pacing up, mom’s jeans are still holding their position solid and study. These jeans have been around for quite a few years and do not look like going anywhere anytime soon. For those who love comfort but also do not want to jump to the wide-legged dad’s jeans, these are the perfect pick.

The best look is to choose a pair that is a high rise, cropped length that just hit the ankles, and preferably in rigid denim and a vintage light blue hue. These jeans have got the approval of many celebrities and influencers and are the best if you are looking for something that withstands the test of time.

  • Flared Style

Yes! Flared jeans are back. You might have seen these jeans doing around after every few years and this time these have made a huge comeback. These jeans are creating a buzz all around the market, getting equal love from women in all age groups.

With tough life and rough lifestyle, consumers, especially women, are drifting leg-hugging skinny jeans towards more comforting and liberating flared ones. What makes them different from the dad’s jeans is that they work wonders with heels. Teamed with platform heels, help ladies to get an elongated look with a perfect silhouette.

  • The Crossover Jeans

Crossover jeans, also called the criss-cross jeans are highly popular on social media. If you are on these platforms, especially Instagram, you might have seen them quite often. These are the best picks if you want to rock the hottest trend this year.

The peculiar placement of the button gives them a cool and goofy look that has made them a staple for many celebrities’ and influencers’ wardrobes. These are best worn in loose slightly loose fits that allow the cut to fall elegantly.

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