Do I Need to Clean My House After a Pest Control Treatment?


None of us like to consider the possibility of a rodent or pest inside of the home, but it happens — more often than we care to imagine. The average home is prone to cockroaches, flies, rats, spiders, ants and all manner of other insects common to the area. These pests can be a terror to your home — some carry disease, some bite and some are just a nuisance.

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Your cleaning closet is likely lacking in pest inspection products. All the same, most store-bought pest control products fail to do the job. They’re a waste of money. Instead, you need professional Pest Control Services Brisbane . It’s the best way to eliminate rodents and pests from inside the home safely and effectively. Afterward, you’ll likely want to clean your home from top to bottom.

After Pest Control Treatment

Once the job is done and your pest problem is handled or under control, it’s likely time to start cleaning. We have compiled a few tips for after pest control services.

  • Be Patient – Depending on the type of treatment, you may have had to vacate the premises for a time. Wait until the recommended time before you return home and enter the building.
  • Discard Food – Any food left in the home will likely need to be thrown in the garbage. Even if the pest control company used organic chemicals, the food will likely not be healthy to consume.
  • Wait to Clean – A lot of homeowners will be ready to jump in and clean for once. It’s best to wait. You don’t need to immediately sweep and mop. In fact, cleaning too fast can reduce the effectiveness of pest control treatment. Wait to do a deep cleaning for at least one week.
  • Avoid Paper – Paper is often a source of food for many pests in the area. As such, you want to avoid wet paper and brown paper bags left out on the floor for too long. The same goes for old newspapers or magazines in or around the kitchen.
  • Keep a Lookout – Even if the treatment was considered effective, keep checking for pests. You’ll likely find a number of dead pests now and then for a time. Check the regular spots and keep these areas clean, as dead pests can attract live pests that are seeking a food source. Hire best affordable pest control services to control the situation.

Pest Control Tips

We have more pest control tips

  • Do not worry about bringing outdoor potted plants indoors.
  • Do not forget to seal external plumbing pipes entering the home.
  • Make sure to apply insecticide outdoors around the perimeter of your home by mid-October.
  • Do remove window air conditioning units when you no longer need them.

If you require a pest control company in or around your home, call Same Day Pest Control.

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