Do You Need A Redroad V17 To Protect You From Exhaust Pollution?

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The importance of the filtration system is never over-estimated when we talk about vacuum cleaners. The exhaust of the vacuum cleaner could pollute the air we breathe and trigger rhinitis, asthma, or other chronic respiratory diseases should the machine fail to capture all the dust.

And if you don’t clean the dust cup often, bacteria and mold easily grow in it. Emitted from the vacuum cleaner to all around the house, they can be more dangerous than dust alone. 

World-renowned smart home appliance provider Redroad, celebrated for great quality, genuinely cares about your health. That’s why the flagship Redroad V17 is armed with Mantolo 3.0 filtration system—it can protect the users better than any other models in this category.

 do you need a redroad v17 protects you from exhaust pollution?

The activated charcoal HEPA filters can capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns, including fine dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander… basically anything that triggers rhinitis, asthma, and allergies. 

The inlet H12 HEPA purifies inward airflow to protect the motor and extends its service life. The outlet H13 HEPA keeps the outflowing air surgically cleaner. And the powerful 12-cone cyclonic dust separation system will make sure of no blockage or suction loss. 

Redroad is also powerful in removing dust mites. Dust mites don’t just live in warm and damp seasons. In fact, they stay active throughout the year. So dust-mite removal is an all-season battle, especially for families with babies. 

 do you need a redroad v17 protects you from exhaust pollution?

With a 120,000rpm top-notch digital motor and optimized air duct design, V17 set a new bar for high suction in this category. With the 155AW suction, or 26,500pa vacuum pressure, generated by the 450W machine, the motorized brush can remove 99.9% of mites, along with pollen, bacteria, and other allergy triggers to protect babies in the house. 

V17 is also an expert in removing the stinking smell. Again, we’ll give credit to the H13 outlet HEPA filter with activated charcoal. The way to prevent the smell from happening at all is to clean the dust cup in time. To remind you to give it a shower, the dust cup of Redroad V17 is made from the best material for transparency.

Capturing fine dust, bacterial, dust mites, and smell, Redroad V17 never fails to protect your health.

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