Domaine Cornu Pernand-Vergelesses 2011

burgundy scaled 2
burgundy scaled 2

Earthy, fresh soil, aged fruit notes. Having said that, not a lot of upfront fruit left, but this is 10yo so it’s to be expected. The aged characters show on the nose with hints of cherry and rhubarb, drying tannins on the finish.

Needs food to bring out the best. I think it’s both enjoyable and still rather drinkable.

However, at ten years of age, I think this bottle has reached its peak and is starting to fade. The fruit has lost its youthful joy, although there is still a hint of sweetness there.

The 2015’s are drinking much better and displaying good fruit acid balance.

The 2016 all though drinking well, and are still pups and is very fruit forward and for me needs a little time in the bottle to start hitting its straps.

This Domaine Cornu – Pernand-Vergelesses is hard to find in bottle shops, as it is destined for restaurant use only. It is only the lucky hand full of specialty retailers that get the chance to stock this particular wine.

Please note $100 is retail price, not restaurant price. You will pay more for the exclusivity of this particular wine in most restaurants around Melbourne, and indeed the world.

This bottle of 2011 is not overly complex, however it works better with something to nibble on just to take the edge off the dry finish. And bring the wine together.

The Food

 domaine cornu pernand-vergelesses 2011

Just needs the usual suspects to snack on, some cheese & bits and peaces too graze on.
Made for an enjoyable afternoon.

the Rot has set in Michael Lillis

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