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Cinsault scaled 1
Cinsault scaled 1
I have to give you a lot of information about this wine; Mostly because you might not have heard about Cinsault, the grape verity before.
Cinsault has long been used in low quality wines because of the vine’s ability to produce high yields. Usually used in a blend. However when its cropped low and made as a serious wine; such as this rather surprising example. It’s a pleasure to behold.

The grape variety

Cinsault also goes by the synonyms, Blue Imperial and oeillade. Also called: Cinsault, Cinsaut, Cinq Sao, Ottavianello. Depending mostly on where it’s grown.
This wine is produced from 70 year old vines – organically grown. As are most French wines.
They just don’t point out this fact on the label because the French already know this. (It’s the way they have made wine for 1000’s of years)

I love the nose of this wine, dark red fruits, oak followed by balsamic notes, black pepper and a brief whiff of star anise, making this wine more interesting with each sniff.

In the mouth the wine is rather light bodied. With the most wonderful mouth watering acid running through the length of the wine. Finishing with a pleasing tannic structure. Followed by hints of balsamic that complete the fresh and lively finish on the plate.
I really enjoyed this wine, mostly because I did not know what to expect, a pleasant surprise to say the least. As I wasn’t really expecting much at all to tell you the truth.
Don’t miss this French wine experience, sold only in bottle shops that care about what you could be drinking tonight..

The Food

Home made crumbed Lamb cutlets. With Cannellini beans and spinach cooked in a vegetable broth reduction.

Wine Fact

Decant this wine, and start to drink it straight away; Because the wine is light bodied it opens up to reveal it self with just a quick slosh around in the decanter.
Enjoy with or with out a main meal, some light flavoured cheese, quality cold cuts that can also be found in the fridge at your local bottle shop.

Michael Lillis

the Rot has set in. 

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