Domaine de Montille Beaune 1er cru Les Perrieres



Domaine de Montille is one of the greatest Domaines in Burgundy.
 Volnay, is the village where this Domaine is based. And can be traced back to the middle of the 17th Century. Named after the historic quarries that were a neighbour to the vineyard.

In the past I found the wines of Volnay to have a more defined perfume than other regions.
I describe the aromatics as both pretty and feminine. My nose has been in and out of the glass for the last 10 minutes. Just taking it all in.
The perfume of pretty native flowers, ripe plumb and dense ripe fruits and a little cherry wrapt around new oak fills the nose.
In the mouth the first thing that strikes you is the ripe fruit filling the palate with acid, and blended with well-rounded oak.
This hits the front of the tongue, then it slides down the sides of the palate.
This wine is so full of wonderful ripe fruit and acid, wrapt in oak and full of life. Such a pleasure to drink.
Acid is the strong point of Burgundy’s wines. It gives them life, and the ability to age. Some are soft and some have mouth-filling lively fruit acid like this wine.
I see a long future for this wine. At 12yo this wine is still young, so full of energy. The finish is bright with ripe red tangy fruit.


It’s a pleasure and a privilege to drink Fine Wines like this. I was lucky enough to purchase great international wines like this before the prices were driven beyond that of mortal man.
I make this statement because – Drinking the really great wines of Burgundy has now got well out of everyone’s reach. What a Shame!!


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Michael Lillis

The Rot has set in
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