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 Who we are.

We lost our daughter to suicide during the COVID lockdowns. It haunts us, wondering what tools we failed to pass on to her that might have helped her in her darkest moments. When a person is alone, and they are going through tough mental challenges, what tools do they have to navigate out of those dark moments?

We aren’t born with a handbook on how to manage life stresses. We hear about mental health as something that affects some troubled people out there “somewhere.” Thankfully times are changing slowly and there is some awareness about anxiety and depression. Despite the growing discourse, we still lack the skills and tools to navigate challenges during tough times.

From her suicide, Athenie’s Angels Aus. Ltd, (AAAL) was born.  We’re a registered health promotion charity based in Victoria. AAAL is committed to improving the lives of individuals who are impacted by mental health challenges. We provide accessible and high-quality mental health services, tools, and resources to support individuals as they navigate through their journey toward better mental health.

Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues, reduce stigma, and promote positive mental health and well-being. Our goal is to empower individuals with mental health challenges to take charge of their lives and overcome any obstacles that may come their way. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of people in our community and beyond. Together, we can build a world where mental health is prioritized, and everyone has access to the support they need to lead a fulfilling life.

Our Vision Statement. 

The vision is to encourage open conversations about mental health, eradicate stigmas and judgments associated with mental illness, and reduce the number of suicides among young people through our mental wellness programs.

Why support our Mental Wellness Programs?

We need this initiative to reduce the number of suicidal deaths among young people especially now, post-pandemic. We still do not have a handle on preventing suicides among young people.  Although there are many good initiatives, the statistics indicate more work to do.

The Australian reported on 15 August 2021 that eight teenage girls had taken their own lives in the first seven months of this year. The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute reported that one in five young people had suicidal thoughts, and three in five reported needing more help from teachers.  A 2018 academic article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health estimated the cost of youth suicide to be $2.8M per suicide. More support is needed to stop these oppressive social costs and the loss of our future priceless generation.

Our program brings young people together to work with professionals to teach them skills on how to cope with mental stress, and how to survive mental challenges and emotional rollercoasters brought on by social media, family, work, career, relationships, hormones, and life itself. So many variables provide ample opportunity to make it difficult to navigate this fast-paced world we live in. Being able to support themselves and others during that time of need with tools learned during our program. This is the key to avoiding suicide among young people.

During the program, they will discuss how the body manifests and deals with emotions, and how diet and exercise affect their mood, sleep patterns, and habits. Our desired outcome is to provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to navigate challenges, adapt to change, and thrive in adversity.

Why support our charity?

We bring lived experiences to our approach.

Having lived experiences bring several benefits to AAAL. Firstly, individuals who have personally experienced mental health challenges provide unique insights and perspectives that enhance the charity’s understanding of the needs and concerns of those they aim to support. This firsthand knowledge helps AAAL to develop more effective programs and services that are tailored to the specific experiences of individuals with mental health issues.

Secondly, as the founders with lived experiences, we serve as powerful advocates and role models within the charity. Our personal stories and journeys inspire hope and resilience in others facing similar challenges, and our ability to share their experiences authentically helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Furthermore, we contribute to the development of peer support programs within the charity. We provide empathetic and relatable support to others going through similar struggles, offering a sense of understanding and connection that can be invaluable in the recovery process.

Overall, having individuals with lived experiences involved in a mental health industry charity will enhance the organization’s ability to provide relevant and impactful support, promote empathy and understanding, and empower individuals on their mental health journeys.

What we need.

To accomplish our mission, we need financial support.

Show us your support by donating to the cause. Your donations will be applied towards our 2024 Mental Wellness Programs:

  • Resiliency Building
  • Mental Health Conversations
  • Art Therapy
  • Understanding and Managing Your Emotional Intelligence

Send your donation to.

BANK:  Commonwealth Bank

Account Name:  Athenie’s Angels – Public Fund

BSB:  063-159

ACCT #:  1077 7704

The value of your donation.

Donating to AAAL is crucial for providing support, raising awareness, advancing research, making a positive community impact, and experiencing personal fulfillment through helping others.

A donation receipt will be sent to you for your tax deduction.

We thank you for your generosity.

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