Dotz Achieved Technology Demonstration Milestone of Its New Generation Sorbent Technology for CO2 Capture

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Completes Bench-Scale Demonstration Unit

Sorbent Validation and Process Simulations Yield Enhanced Performance and Demonstrates Potential to Significantly Drive Down the Cost of Carbon Capture

Key highlights

  • Completed the construction of a bench-scale unit, demonstrating the effectiveness of Dotz Earth technology;
  • Dotz Earth features a proprietary nano-porous carbon sorbent with high-adsorption capacity and high-selectivity for capturing CO2;
  • Process simulations of the nano-porous carbon sorbent in a Moving Bed Temperature Swing Process (MBTSA) resulted in a significant reduction in regeneration energy;
  • Data demonstrates superior results compared with existing commercial sorbents, suggesting potential to drive down the cost of carbon capture; and
  • Commenced design of a small-scale pilot unit to further advance the technology readiness.

Dotz Nano Limited (ASX: DTZ, OTC: DTZNY) (“Dotz” or “Company”), a leading developer of innovative climate and industrial nanotechnologies, today announced the completion of a bench-scale demonstration unit for its carbon capture technology, Dotz Earth. Validation testing and process simulation results of Dotz’s proprietary nano-porous carbon sorbent demonstrated enhanced properties compared with commercial carbon-based sorbents: greater adsorption capacity, better selectivity, and a reduction in regeneration energy.

Dotz CEO, Sharon Malka said: “We are pleased to have delivered the bench-scale unit ahead of schedule and the highly successful results from this round of test work confirmed the effectiveness of DotzEarth. We are thrilled to see the validation testing and process simulations results, which demonstrated enhanced properties compared with commercial carbon-based sorbents, highlighting the potential of Dotz Earth sorbent technology to offer substantial practical advantages for the future, and drive down the cost of carbon capture.

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Dotz CEO, Sharon Malka

“We are confident that Dotz Earth offers substantial practical advantages for the future, by enabling wide-scale cost-effective and sustainable CO2 capture. Following the investment by Mercer in February, we are well placed to commence work on a small-scale pilot unit with SINTEF to take the next major step in the development of Dotz Earth.

“We look forward to explaining more about the bench-scale unit testing to current and prospective investors, as well as potential commercial partners at the Global Carbon Capture & Storage Institute’s 2024 Australia and Southeast Asia Forum in Perth next week and during our non-deal roadshow in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in mid-March.”

“As a pioneer in the research and development of climate technologies, with longstanding experience in CCUS technologies, the initial results obtained on the Dotz’s adsorbent speak directly to strength of the technology, showing superior properties compared with commercial sorbent case study. These enhanced properties further support potential cost savings and provide a basis for advancing the technology towards its next stage of demonstration.” said SINTEF Research Manager, Jasmina H. Cavka.

Dotz Earth represents a new generation sorbent technology for CO2 Capture. Dotz’s proprietary nano-porous carbon adsorbent demonstrated multiple advantages such as high working capacity, fast kinetics, increased selectivity and lower regeneration energy.

Dotz built a bench-scale demonstration unit designed by SINTEF, demonstrating and confirming the effectiveness of its adsorbent. Dotz’s nano-porous carbon sorbent testing and validation conducted at SINTEF’s labs, showed a 3-fold increase in adsorption capacity when compared to a commercially available activated carbon sorbent (at 10 kPa) and significantly higher selectivity vs. nitrogen (N2).

Process simulations using SINTEF’s validated Moving Bed Temperature Swing Process (“MBTSA”), resulted in superior results compared with commercial sorbents. Most importantly, use of the Dotz nano-porous carbon sorbent reduces the energy required for sorbent regeneration and release of CO2 (energy penalty), which was significantly lower than energy requirements of commercial activated carbon and commercial liquid amines.

The results of the sorbent validation testing and the process simulations, demonstrates potential to significantly drive down the cost of CO2 capture, and will now be followed up with the design and building of a small-scale pilot unit to further advance the technology readiness on its path to market viability. Advancing the development of Dotz’s technology creates pathway towards further lowering of carbon removal costs.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of Directors of Dotz Nano.

About Dotz Nano Limited

Dotz Nano Limited (ASX: DTZ) is a nanotechnology company developing innovative climate and industrial nano-technologies.

The Company’s primary focus is centered around ground-breaking carbon dioxide (CO2) management technologies leading towards carbon-neutral future. The company’s proprietary carbon-based solid sorbent, offering an efficient and sustainable approach, facilitating industrial deep decarbonization.

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SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, with international top-class expertise in the fields of technology, natural sciences, medicine and social sciences. SINTEF develops sustainable solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges and creates value and innovation by developing knowledge and technological solutions with practical applications. SINTEF has researched CCUS since its inception in the 1980s.

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