Eco Voice Employee Rewards & Marketplace is now ‘live’

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Eco Voice Employee Benefits are now available via

Eco Voice Rewards and Marketplace.

If your company embraces sustainability then why not provide your employees with Eco Voice Employee Benefits? It is a simple and cost effective solution that your employees will highly value and embrace.

“If you value reading Eco Voice then you are going to value Eco Voice Employee Benefits.” said Tim Langdon, Publisher of Eco Voice.

“Eco Voice understands that the pathway to a more greener economy must consider that the existing linear focused economy will be with us for many years to come. Introducing employees to sustainability-focused products and services and rewarding them with Eco Voice Rewards is a great way to move forward,” said Tim.

Eco Voice Rewards aims to become a gateway from the linear economy to a more greener economy. Introducing shoppers to sustainability-focused products and services as well as providing thousands of special offers via My Rewards. Members receive newsletters to hear about new suppliers and special offers on lifestyle products and services. In addition, members get access to exclusive events, theatre shows, concerts, musicals, a range of sporting events and hot travel deals.

After months of planning, we are now ‘live’ and it is time for business decision makers to book an in-person or online presentation to find out more.

Please contact Tim Langdon, Publisher of Eco Voice – to book a convenient time.

If you are an employee of a business please send this article to your CEO / Executive Team asking them to get onboard and provide you with Eco Voice Employee Benefits.

Leaders provide their employees with Eco Voice Rewards. 

Eco Voice Rewards and the Carbon Market: Marketplace is an initiative of ASX listed My Rewards International Limited (Code: MRI) (My Rewards) and Carbon Market Pty Ltd.

The marketplace will host a range of sustainable products and services as well as information and tips on sustainability for individuals, families, clubs, and businesses – enabling them to take action on climate change and reduce their carbon footprint.

“With the race to net zero emissions by 2030 or soon thereafter the aim will be to get hundreds of suppliers with thousands of products and services on board as soon as possible so that everyone can take action,” said Tim Langdon, Publisher of Eco Voice and Director of Carbon Market.

If you have sustainable products or services,

we want to hear from you.

“Business employees & members of clubs and organisations will soon be able to be rewarded with sustainability-focused products and services as part of an Eco Voice Rewards loyalty program,” said David Vinson, Chairman of My Rewards.

“We are excited to be part of this initiative from Eco Voice. Rewarding employees, members of organisations and customers of businesses with sustainability-focused products and services is another way to encourage sustainable living initiatives. People are looking for ways to be greener,” said David.

All companies with sustainable products or services who list on our new Carbon Market: Marketplace will receive a featured article on Eco Voice –

To find out more please contact: 

Tim Langdon, Publisher of Eco Voice – 

About Eco Voice

First published in 2003, Eco Voice is your go-to publication for sustainability news in Australia. Eco Voice prides itself as an independent news platform with a clear focus on sustainability, with articles coming from a diverse range of contributors – all levels of government, corporations, not-for-profits, community groups, small to medium sized businesses, universities, research organisations, together with input from international sources. Eco Voice values community, conservation, and commerce. Eco Voice is a media partner of the prestigious Australian Banksia Sustainability Awards – The Peak Sustainability Awards.

About Carbon Market

Carbon Market is a news, media & film company with a clear focus on environmental, cultural, and social good. We are building an independent media platform with a clear focus on sustainability, supporting the community and not-for-profit organisations, and giving a voice to environmental issues. With your kind support we can all make an impact.

About My Rewards

My Rewards is a fast-growing global provider of customised subscription-based marketplaces for businesses and consumers. My Rewards’ core solutions include Loyalty tech, Rewards and Customer Experience. Since its incorporation in 2000, My Rewards has steadily grown to connect over 5.8 million members with more than 4,500 global, national, and local suppliers. My Rewards provides more than 120 businesses with Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Programs to help them retain, engage, and attract employees or customers. My Rewards’ clients include some of the biggest household brands in retail, financial services, and telecommunications, including Telstra, Ramsay Health, MLC, and AIG.

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