Eco Voice Q & A: Ben Walters, Managing Director, Microtexx

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Ben Walters, Managing Director, Microtexx


Microtexx is powered by an Australian family, originating from country Victoria. We have invested a huge amount of ourselves, our hearts and our minds, all the while ensuring we are adhering to our business ethos, but also our family values. It is our passion to provide affordable salon quality hair care for all Australians, and hair care that will always consider the climate, environment and consumers’ lifestyles and needs.

The Walters Family is from the land, with parents and grandparents being farming families from country Victoria.  This upbringing taught them many things that shape there path in business today with Microtexx. How important it is to support local, Australian made and owned local business.  Community is everything in rural Australia and being farm kids there is no substitute for hard work.

A Family Business – Daniel, Angela and Ben Walters 

To provide insights into how a small business approaches sustainability. Tim Langdon, publisher of Eco Voice, had the pleasure of facilitating a Q & A with Ben Walters, Managing Director, Microtexx

Q1. What is Microtexx?

We are an Australian family hair care brand. Our Story –

Q2. What sustainability initiatives have you implemented in your small business?

We provide $1 from every order to one of 3 charity projects that the customer decides through the i=change platform.

Our 3 chosen causes are:

Foodbank – Feed Aussies in crisis

Seabin Foundation (clean the seas)

WWF – Re Wild Australia

Our impact is here –

Sourcing locally natural ingredients that are earth friendly.

Using suppliers and materials from Australian businesses so we are not reliant on the overseas supply chain which has seen constant problems since Covid started in March 2020.

Q3. Have your customers engaged with these initiatives?

Yes, we get amazing feedback about our natural products due to the fact they do what they say they will do.
We get customers to provide which cause they would like us to to support after checkout of every order.

Our customer based is largely aware of how important it is to support local, Australian made & owned businesses like ours.

Q4. How do you measure the outcomes and benefits of these initiatives?

i=change measure how the impact the money we donate to the causes has.

We understand spending money in our country is very important to our economy and even in our small business, that adds up with product spend, purchases and other flow on benefits.

Q5. What are some of the issues you see in making your small business more sustainable?

Largely its cost associated, we are looking into several different packaging options that provide better sustainable solutions in the long term although a shift fully to this at once is a massive undertaking our business can only afford to do bit by bit.

Q6.  How can industry associations and governments assist small businesses in their sustainability journey?

More support with funding for small business who are supporting our local economy when business decisions on sustainability have to be made.

Q7. How can publications, such as Eco Voice, play their part in promoting sustainability?

Keep spreading the word to increase the reach and awareness of such businesses who are on the sustainable journey.


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Our mission is to provide professional hair care products so you can take that salon feel home.

​MICROTEXX is a personalised Australian-owned family hair care brand, designed to be an alternative solution to mass produced hair care regimes. We believe in concentrated ingredients for longevity of use and just like your skin, your hair needs some love too!

Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free Hair Care – We believe in responsibly providing professional hair care products using authentic ingredients that can give that salon feeling at home without harming the environment, or our furry friends. MICROTEXX is continually evolving and innovating but will always stay true to its mission which is to provide the same salon-quality hair care for people to use at home. As a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free brand, we want to raise the standards and increase awareness of the cruelty of animal testing in the industry.


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