Eco Voice Q & A: Greg Lever, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific at Iron Mountain ANZ

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Greg Lever, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific at Iron Mountain ANZ


In his role as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Greg Lever oversees Iron Mountain’s operations across the Asia Pacific region. Joining Iron Mountain in 1992, Greg has over 30 years of Information Management industry experience across finance, operations, and management functions. He is a strong advocate for IT’s capability to facilitate transformative change in organisations, with an enhanced understanding of effective information management’s importance across physical and digital forms.

To provide insights into the decarbonisation of supply chains, Tim Langdon, publisher of Eco Voice, had the pleasure of facilitating a Q & A with Greg Lever, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific at Iron Mountain ANZ.

Q1. What is Iron Mountain focused on when it comes to sustainability?

At Iron Mountain, we are focused on securing a sustainable future by partnering with our customers, enabling them to make better decisions about how they manage their most valuable information and assets. We strive to be our customers’ most trusted partner for protecting and unlocking the value of what matters most to them in innovative and socially responsible ways. Our partnership constantly inspires others and challenges our own teams, to create innovative business solutions that make a positive environmental and social impact.

Customers want integrated solutions that meet the demands of speed, cost savings, and security. Iron Mountain strives to deliver services that enable both our own organisation and our customers to manage information in a manner that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible to bring our customers closer to their ESG aspirations.

We believe a sustainable future is only possible through collaboration. When we make commitments together with our customers, suppliers, and communities where we operate, we can not only multiply our efforts but can also make sustainable behaviours more accessible and achievable.

Q2. Why is Iron Mountain involved in the decarbonisation of supply chains?

Supply chains contribute greatly to carbon emissions worldwide. A rapidly changing climate also demands agile supply chains that are not only more resilient but more adaptable to change. This is why Iron Mountain is passionate about finding innovative solutions for decarbonisation and we are working collaboratively in this sector to ensure the best outcomes for businesses, customers, and the planet.

From a business perspective, decarbonising the supply chain also delivers many benefits in terms of efficiency and reliability. For example, operating solely on energy generated from 100% renewable sources means less reliance on fluctuating energy costs. Electric logistics vehicles charged on-site are also shielded from hikes in diesel prices and regulation changes. This allows providers to reduce overheads, mitigate organisational risks and remain resilient despite external economic pressures affecting the supply chain.

Q3. What are some good examples of projects that Iron Mountain is involved in that focus on the decarbonisation of supply chains?

Iron Mountain is powering towards leadership in clean energy. Energy is intrinsic to computers and data centres, which are responsible for consuming about 1% of all power produced worldwide. This is why we’ve committed to being industry leaders in energy transition, setting ambitious targets to completely decarbonise our energy sources.

Our data centres have used 100% renewable energy since 2017, but we want to go further. Last year we enhanced our goal to achieve 100% renewable energy use 100% of the time by 2040. We’re moving beyond matching our volumes on an annual basis and seeking to source each hour of every day from a local, clean energy resource.

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Q4. Is ESG & CSR important to Iron Mountain?

ESG and CSR are critical to what we do at Iron Mountain, and we focus our efforts on what matters most – safeguarding customer trust, empowering our people, strengthening our communities, and protecting our planet.

As a signatory to the Amazon Climate Pledge, we are working towards a number of goals that promote a circular economy, including net zero emissions and zero waste by 2040. We have also committed to transitioning 100% of company cars and 50% of vans to EVs by 2030, as part of our EV100 initiative.

We fuel innovation through diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives. We are tackling gender pay parity and increasing our diversity; by 2025, women will represent 40% of global leadership.

Finally, we are always working to strengthen our communities by continually increasing our diverse-supplier spending to incorporate more minority, women, veteran, disabled and LGBTQQ+ groups, as well as aiming to launch 50 new education resources through our Living Legacy Initiatives by 2025.

Q5. Are your competitors increasingly thinking about sustainability in your business sector?

At Iron Mountain, we strongly believe that information management sectors must act cooperatively to achieve global sustainability goals. We feel sustainability should be at the forefront of every business’s mind, and industry-wide change is crucial to making truly meaningful contributions to global sustainability benchmarks.

Q6. How can publications, such as Eco-Voice, play their part in promoting a move to more sustainability in your business sector?

Discussing the promising efforts that are being made in the information management sector encourages progress, awareness, and investment in sustainability. So much innovation has already occurred industry-wide, and reporting on how these goals are being achieved is key to increasing exposure and encouraging other businesses to follow suit.


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