Eco Voice Q & A: Martin Deil, CEO, ClearVue Technologies

Martin Deil

Martin Deil, CEO, ClearVue Technologies


Martin Deil brings a deep knowledge of the international façade and architectural envelopes business to ClearVue Technologies having spent the past 22 years in various senior management roles of increasing responsibility including as CEO, Deputy CEO and COO within the Permasteelisa Group in different locations globally.

Martin Deil has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Management and Systems from City University London.

To provide insights into solar glass technology, and the role it will play in helping the Australian building sector reach sustainability, Tim Langdon, publisher of Eco Voice, had the pleasure of facilitating a Q & A with Martin Deil, CEO, ClearVue Technologies.

Q1. What is ClearVue focused on in terms of sustainability?

We’ve developed advanced solar glass technology that generates renewable energy from windows and facades, improving the sustainability and efficiency of new and existing buildings. This is not only good for the environment but will help companies meet the increasing pressure on the building sector to reduce their carbon footprint and meet clean energy targets and current and incoming sustainability guidelines.

Q2. What is ClearVue’s solar glass technology?

We generate power from clear glass. Our patented technology is based on a nano-and micro-particles interlayer within laminated glass, which cuts harmful infrared and ultraviolet light as it converts to electricity using photovoltaic cells around the edges. Simply put, it lets visible light through, which generates clean energy on site, while not letting in heat or harmful UV light.

Our technology is embedded in an insulated glass unit, called IGU, and can be applied within a window, skylight, building facade, and other glass structures such as greenhouses, bus shelters and other infrastructure.

Q3. How does this technology help the Australian building sector with a tangible path to net-zero buildings?

We provide the building sector a tangible path to net zero by reducing up to 30% of a building’s operational carbon. Our technology can meet up to 70% of energy requirements of a building (if using a combination of ClearVue solar glass with our other photovoltaic products).

Because our solar glass technology uses infrared light, it improves the thermal performance of a building, which means it doesn’t get hot during the day, and saves energy and money spent on cooling and heating – our Generation 2 IGUs were independently proven to reduce cooling load by 22.8%. For large office buildings, this can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in energy savings.

Q4. Is the building industry moving towards sustainability more generally?

Governments around the world are fast moving to implement sustainability mandates and drive industry towards net zero by 2050.

We know the building and construction sector will be particularly hit by regulation as according to the World Green Buildings Council, this sector contributes approximately 39% of the energy-related carbon footprint of an economy.

As there is no obvious replacement for glass, architects, investors and owners of property and infrastructure assets will need innovative solutions to meet stringent sustainability and environment standards.

Our technology helps building owners reduce carbon emissions to meet these incoming mandates.

Q5. How important is adopting new technologies, such as solar glass technology, in your industry?

Adopting new technologies like solar glass is crucial in the building and construction industry, as it aligns with sustainability goals and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency. Such technologies contribute to reducing the environmental impact of buildings and play a significant role in achieving a more sustainable built environment.

In modern urban environments, there simply is not enough rooftop space to provide sufficient solar power needed to run buildings. Building integrated photovoltaics offer a genuine solution as they generate energy from almost all surfaces of a building, not just the roof. This is why we strongly advocate for building integrated photovoltaics.

Q6. How can ClearVue get more industry players to embrace sustainability?

We encourage industry players to embrace sustainability by showcasing the benefits of our solar glass technology in terms of energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental impact.

While governments and regulators are mandating new building standards and carbon reduction initiatives, and businesses are looking for solutions to meet net-zero carbon-related requirements, the sector still needs to be able to manufacture products in a cost-effective way that fits into current production facility manufacturing capabilities and schedules. Our products are easily integrated into existing manufacturing capability, with no modifications to industry-standard production lines, and with minimal impacts on production time, making it easy to adopt.

Q7. How can publications, such as Eco Voice, play their part in promoting sustainability in your business sector?

Eco Voice and others can help promote sustainability in the building and construction industry by featuring articles, case studies, and interviews that highlight innovative and sustainable technologies, practices, and projects. Providing a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and companies like ClearVue to share insights and success stories can inspire and educate readers about the importance of sustainability in the business sector.


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ClearVue Technologies Limited is an Australian technology company that operates in the building integrated photovoltaic sector which involves integrating solar technology into building surfaces, specifically glass and building façades, to provide renewable energy. ClearVue has developed advanced glass technology that preserves glass transparency to maintain building aesthetics whilst
generating electricity.

Learn more about ClearVue.


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