Eco Voice Q & A: Michael Lotfy Gierges, Global Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Home & Distribution Segment

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Michael Lotfy Gierges, Global Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Home & Distribution Segment


Michael Lotfy Gierges is Executive Vice President for the Home & Distribution division and has held the position since June 2023.

In this role, he has full responsibility for all aspects of Schneider Electric’s residential & small buildings offer and solution development, including strategy, R&D, market development, production and go-to-market, utilizing his
extensive industrialization experience.

Michael leads a global staff spanning all four major Schneider Electric regions. His team is focused on leveraging Schneider’s legacy and leading technology in the home space to deliver innovative Home Energy Management
Solutions to bring about a zero-carbon future for homes & small buildings.

Michael is the youngest executive to lead a global business division in Schneider Electric. He is a passionate advocate for sustainability and has spearheaded DE&I initiatives throughout his career.

Michael has more than 20 years of professional experience. He was previously SVP of Power Products for the NAM Hub where he oversaw the division portfolio’s double-digit growth in sales and launched five innovative products for the electrical industry.

To provide insights into better ways Australians can reduce their carbon footprint, Tim Langdon, publisher of Eco Voice, had the pleasure of facilitating a Q & A with Michael Lotfy Gierges, Global Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Home & Distribution Segment.

Q1. What are Home Energy Management Solutions?

Home Energy Management Solutions (HEMS) put homeowners in control of their home’s energy use. With rising energy costs, HEMS helps homeowners understand exactly where their energy goes – particularly pertinent at a time when the cost of living is at an all-time high. This empowers them to make informed choices to reduce waste, lower their bills, and shrink their home’s carbon footprint.

HEMS leverage the latest digital technology to meet homeowners’ needs in today’s ever-changing energy landscape. By integrating smart technology, people are able to automate energy production, storage, and control, giving them a holistic view of their home’s energy ecosystem.

Think of HEMS as a tool to measure, control and optimise your home’s energy use, while at the same time being a tool to enhance the sustainability of your home and maintain your lifestyle.

Q2. Why are they important for Australians in terms of sustainability? 

Australia’s clean energy future is bright, with ambitious renewable energy targets as the country plans to hit 82% of Government renewable energy targets by 2030. However, homes remain a significant source of emissions. We can empower Australians to reduce their environmental impact and energy bills.

A global survey by Schneider Electric found that over half the population wants a net-zero home, and 67% seek ways to reduce home energy use. Notably, Australian respondents were most motivated by rising energy costs.

Australia has great potential to implement energy solutions that will help reach its sustainability goals and shield consumers from bill shock.

We have been helping customers in Australia for over 100 years with our local brand Clipsal. With our latest HEMS technology, we now offer our Australian customers end-to-end control over their home energy usage, from production to consumption, enabling the true power of Prosumer.

Q3. What are some good examples of Home Energy Management Solutions? 

Schneider Electric’s Home Energy Management Solutions (HEMS) combine multiple technologies into one user-friendly system with a minimal footprint and streamlined design, requiring less space than traditional configurations. This integrated approach lets users manage their home’s entire energy ecosystem, including solar panels, batteries, utility power, and more – all controlled through a single app. In doing so, homeowners can identify areas to further optimise their energy consumption and save money. This comprehensive approach helps users to take control of their energy usage and move towards a net-zero carbon future.

Q4. How important is electrification on digital infrastructure?

Electricity 4.0, the powerful combination of electrification and digital infrastructure, is key to countering the energy and climate crises. Electricity is a proven energy source that already supplies our homes, workplaces, and public buildings; and so the fastest way to decarbonise is to electrify more. Electrifying homes with clean sources like solar power reduces emissions, while smart technology allows for precise control and grid optimisation. This enables homeowners to become ‘prosumers’, or producers of their own clean energy as well as consumers of it, thereby reducing dependence on external sources. Together, electrification and digital infrastructure pave the way for a sustainable energy future.

Q5. How are Australian homes on a global scale in terms of moving towards net-zero carbon emissions?

Encouragingly, Australia leads on the global stage when it comes to residential adoption rates of solar panels: one in three Australian households is equipped with solar panels, thanks in part to cost-effective government subsidy schemes. However, there is still a way to go. While the majority of Australians believe in the importance of net zero, only 30% feel that it is achievable. This is why Schneider Electric is dedicated to empowering consumers on their journey to net zero and providing innovative solutions to combat a worsening climate crisis.

Q6. How can publications, such as Eco Voice, play their part in promoting Home Energy Management Solutions?

Every bit matters when it comes to combating climate change. If every household, alongside businesses, can do their part in reducing carbon emissions, that becomes a large portion of Australians’ total net zero emissions. A publication like Eco Voice plays a vital role in highlighting the power of individual action and showcasing how HEMS empowers families to reduce their energy bills and shrink their carbon footprint. This increased awareness will inspire adoption and drive positive change in the energy system, promoting investment in renewables and accessible clean energy solutions for all.


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