Eddie Ink
Eddie Ink
Eddie Ink releases ‘Daydream at Nighttime’ – a reflective story of spirit, learning lessons and recovery

Back in the burgeoning 80s, Eddie Ink was AD on iconic television film sets from The Bill to Neighbours and managing touring theatre companies across Europe. 30 years later, equipped with his unique brand of showbiz charm, Ink has turned to writing music for the healing and soul searching that only ‘the blues’ can provide.  Emerging from a haze of mental illness and addiction onset by childhood abuse and Bipolar Disorder, Ink has found community and collaboration in his recent years through Wild at Heart, a Victoria-wide singer-songwriter program for people with a lived experience of mental illness, allowing him the space to heal and tell his story through music. 

Set for release on Wednesday 8 February, ‘Daydream at Nighttime’ is the second single lifted from Ink’s upcoming second LP that features powerful guest performances from friends fostered through his new community who have been inspired by Eddie’s songcraft, story and spirit. A song about the exploration and reflections on life, taking lessons from it, comprehending it and using it as a tool to work through it, Eddie wrote ‘Daydream at Nighttime‘ after coming out of a dark period when he first started attending Wild at Heart and began writing music.  

 Co-produced by Eddie InkAmy Jones and Christopher Windley at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, ‘Daydream At Nighttime‘ is a swinging and brass driven single with an optimistic feel and message mixed and mastered by Tomas Strode.  “The key point of the song for me is in the lyric “I’ve crossed the line, I’m doing fine, now that I’ve met you” which is a reference to meeting me again. The song is about a time when I was living in a tin shed, my marriage had just collapsed. I was drinking alcohol heavily and really out of it most of the time. At that time I went to the depths of despair, the lowest you could be as a human being, and it was during that period that I met me again. ” – Eddie Ink


“The lyric “it was Buddha who said, from the top of his head, look the other way” is reflecting on the idea that if you’re lying on the ground you’re always looking up. You’ve really got to do something yourself to make things change and get up off the ground. It’s easy to hide behind your past experience and stick your hand out for help, and a lot of people genuinely do need help, but you also need to help yourself.  As with a lot of people living in St Kilda; a lot of people are addicts. A lot of people don’t work 9 – 5 jobs. A lot of people are awake at night. So the title Daydream at Nighttime references the feeling of day and night blurring into one and being a bit loopy during a period of addiction.” – Eddie Ink
Mental Health has been at the forefront of Ink‘s music, dropping the first single ‘Fistful of Fingers‘ on World Mental Health Day back in 2020.  These days a sober yet prolific songwriter, Ink has surrounded himself with a full band for this upcoming album to build the life of these striking stories, and convinced he is destined to live to 100 years, Eddie Ink shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

‘Daydream at Nighttime’ is out Wednesday 8 February independently via Ditto.

‘Daydream at Nighttime’ Credits
Written by Eddie Ink
Produced by Eddie Ink, Amy Jones & Christopher Windley
Recorded at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms
Engineered and Mixed by Tomas Strode

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals – Eddie Ink
Drums – Christopher Windley
Backing Vocals – Amy Jones
Electric Bass – Jordan Clay
Trumpet – Charlie Woods
Keys – Christy Wositzky-Jones

As immigrants and settlers sharing and creating music here, we acknowledge the sacred Songlines of the Traditional Owners of the land on which this work was made. These are the Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, remembering the sovereignty and right to self-determination of these strong and resilient peoples has never been ceded.
Daydream At Nighttime Lyrics
Is it real or just a deal
A game we have to play
The way I feel I know it’s real
It’s with me everyday
Travel at night, see the city lights
Reflected in the bay
Never mind the cold
Put your troubles on hold
Watching nighttime turn to day
I’ve crossed the line, I’m doing fine
Now that I’ve met you
Keep yourself nice, take my advice
You can daydream at nighttime too
It was Buddha who said, from the top of his head
Hey look the other way
So I turned around as I lay on the ground
Watching nighttime turn to day
Around about dawn you’ll be reborn
As you change your point of view
Keep yourself nice, take my advice
You can daydream at nighttime too
Keep yourself nice, take my advice
You can daydream at nighttime too
Keep yourself nice, take my advice

You can daydream at nighttime too





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