Embracing the Future of Events: Australian Businesses Opt for Circular Furniture-as-a-Service

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  • Valiant hosted ‘Open House’ events for the second consecutive year to showcase new furniture range and highlight their supercharged ambition to combat ‘fast furniture’ for events through sustainable style and innovation.
  • Australia’s first carbon-neutral furniture hire and styling company invited the best in the events industry to explore their latest arrivals showcased in two prestigious and cultural venues; The Machine Hall in Sydney CBD and Linden New Art in St Kilda, Melbourne.
  • The showcase featured new furniture ranges upholstered of fabrics crafted from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and tables produced from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, diverting waste from landfill, reducing both the dependency on virgin plastics and the energy required to extract the oil to make them. 

Valiant, Australia’s first carbon-neutral furniture hire and styling company, showcased their latest eco-friendly ranges and styling expertise at two prestigious venues: a vibrant new space in the heart of Sydney’s CBDThe Machine Hall and again in Melbourne at the unique not-for-profit contemporary art gallery in the heart of St Kilda – Linden New Art.

The latest innovations by Valiant, which provides high-end, circular-driven furnishing solutions for events, interiors, and workplaces, comes as the furniture hire company amplifies its initiatives to combat ‘fast furniture’ and turn ocean and landfill plastics into inspiring rental furniture. By effectively reforming and reusing recycled waste, Valiant’s ReforaStone has successfully transformed discarded plastic waste into stunning and versatile furniture pieces. The diverse range of tables, stools, and plinths are meticulously crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, significantly reducing the demand for raw materials, and diverting waste from landfills.

The new sustainable ranges are now available for hire in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria:

  • ReforaStone: A truly exceptional and adaptable range, ReforaStone boasts a terrazzo appearance that is both stylish and eco-friendly. Crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics that have been shredded, and reset into furniture, its durable nature makes the range suitable for both indoor and outdoor use making it a versatile piece that transforms any space.
  • Sierra Lounging: Comprising of occasional chairs, modular sofas and ottomans, this range of lounging is not only versatile, but eye-catching with its sleek design, organic curves and four colour options to suit various event palettes. The entire range has been upholstered in fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • Clover Dining Chair: A stylish silhouette and contemporary edge, impress guests with its unique design and plush upholstery made from 100% recycled bottles (144 bottles per chair to be exact), while its versatility and durability make it perfect for any occasion, adding elegance and comfort to corporate events, private celebrations, and gala dinners.​
  • Selena Lounging: The directional, yet simple style of the Selena lounge range makes it a versatile addition to any space. Featuring an eye-catching design with classic curved lines and available in three versatile colour options. Each Selena two-seater sofa is upholstered in fabric crafted from 720 recycled plastic bottles. The Selena occasional chairs recycle 280 plastic bottles per chair, with neither compromising on durability or quality.
  • Chloe Dining Chairs and Bar Stools: With its elegant curves and simple silhouette, The Chloe range has been designed to complement any space. Each Chloe dining chair uses 106 plastic bottles in its upholstery and the Chloe bar stools’ upholstery uses 123 recycled plastic bottles per stool.

Why is sustainability important in the furniture industry? The importance of sustainability within the furniture industry cannot be overstated. Annually, Australia generates a staggering 30,000 tonnes of commercial furniture waste, with 95% finding its way into landfill[1]. Additionally, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that businesses and households throw away more than 20 million tonnes of furniture waste annually[2]. As a result, and with increasing demand, a rising number of event organisers are looking not only at style, but sustainability.

Valiant contributes to the circular economy by minimising reliance on extraction, production, distribution, and disposal, and is deeply conscious of its impact on all aspects of society, including community involvement and donations, arts and education, workplace equality, and impact to the environment. In 2020, Valiant became the first hire company to transition to an entirely paperless inventory system. Two years later, it had become Australia’s first 100 percent carbon-neutral furniture hire business, a title earned not with superficial updates to operations, but with a deep-seated reinvention of the company’s inventory, currently housing over 15 ranges of furniture crafted with post-consumer recycled and reformed plastics. As Valiant endeavour to achieve B Corp certification, with their application submitted in October 2023, the company’s next big launch will feature new products made with the company’s own aged-out stock, including Y2K-era, Frank Gehry-designed plastic furniture cubes.

Valiant’s journey towards sustainability takes significant steps forward each year with their partnerships of purpose. They are embarking on innovative projects aimed at recycling furniture and repurposing materials found at large-scale events, reinforcing their commitment to environmental stewardship. Valiant’s holistic approach to sustainability demonstrates their unwavering dedication to shaping a more environmentally conscious future and inspiring a new direction for the industry, especially in furniture practices. Valiant engages in active partnerships with organisations such as the annual Purpose Conference, also including their philanthropic support behind UNSW recycling science pioneer Professor Veena Sahajwalla in her efforts to reduce manufacturing waste and extend the lifespan of materials that would otherwise end up on the scrap heap. Through these collaborations, Valiant fosters discussions and motivates positive initiatives aimed at enhancing environmental and social impact. These joint endeavours reinforce Valiant’s core values, illustrating their commitment to making a positive contribution to society.

For over 60 years, Valiant has been leading the industry to target climate action by adopting a circular economy approach and placing sustainability at the forefront. Valiant has assumed a position of thought leadership within the Australian furniture rental industry, thereby encouraging other companies to adopt sustainability practices against climate change. By implementing a self-regulating business model, the public, their stakeholders, and themselves are held accountable for their impact on the environment. Sustainability is at the core of Valiant and is underscored through their partnership with Traceby actively funding climate projects that have a positive social and environmental impact, as they strive to eliminate emissions and progress towards NetZero.

 Brian Lindeman, Managing Director of Valiant commented: “We’ve combined contemporary design and innovative furniture developed with the planet in mind. As Australia’s first 100% carbon offset furniture hire and styling company and on the path to achieve B Corp Certification, we are actively closing the loop via a circular economy and have carefully considered the lifecycle of each product and how they have been created and delivered to the industry”.

Through the development of Valiant’s range of high-quality pieces crafted from recycled plastics and their unwavering commitment to fostering a circular economy, the company stands at the forefront of inspiring sustainable practices by creating innovative products like the ReforaStone range. “We are passionate about sustainability and do what we can to minimise harm to our planet through a continuous effort to recycle waste by being energy efficient, repurposing single-use plastics and crafting high quality sustainable pieces that reduce the dependency on extraction, production, distribution, and disposal. Furthermore, when products reach the end of their life cycle, we donate to local charities, sell through auction houses or repurpose into something new”, continued Lindeman.

The event centered around insights gained from international design shows, including Milan Design Week, in which Creative Director Samuel Clarke drew inspiration from architecture, colours and materials found throughout his research into the industry trends. Alongside the unveiling of what’s to come through 2024, the event featured and showcased the company’s commitment to the environment, by purchasing and planting trees for every attendee to their event, through their partnership with Trace.

Samuel Clarke, Valiant’s Creative Director discussed the highlights and trends that inspired Valiant’s 2023/2024 furniture range and what is considered when sourcing responsibly: “I was strongly influenced by all the colours, textures and forms throughout Milan, which is echoed throughout our latest ranges, and the opportunity to incorporate style and innovation in a sustainable way”. After attending Milan Design Week 2023, Clarke felt encouraged by the commitment to sustainability showcased throughout, by global leaders within the design industry. This inspired the new range of furniture to be meticulously crafted and reflects a commitment to minimising environmental impact without compromising on quality or design.

For more information visit the Valiant website HERE and for more detail on their sustainability practices view HERE.

Partner with Australia’s first 100% Carbon Neutral furniture and styling company


Valiant, a pioneering force in Australia’s furniture industry, excels in providing innovative furniture solutions for events, residential spaces, and workplace projects. With over 60 years of experience, Valiant’s expertise, local presence, and commitment to sustainability set them apart. They offer tailored furnishing solutions for living, working, learning, and celebrating, ensuring every space is impeccably styled. Operating with 100% Carbon Neutrality and offsetting emissions with each delivery, Valiant leads the charge towards a circular economy. Their latest range of over 3,000 items crafted from recycled materials underscores their dedication to environmental responsibility. Additionally, as they endeavor to achieve B Corp certification, with their application submitted in October 2023, Valiant solidifies its commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability. As a national Furniture-as-a-Service (FaaS) provider, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Valiant delivers seamless experiences across Australia, offering unparalleled service and quality to top tier clients nationwide. As they continue to expand their sustainable offerings, Valiant remains steadfast in delivering exceptional experiences while championing eco-conscious practices.




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