EVX partners with Essential Energy to bring first kerbside EV charger to Hawks Nest


Rollout of kerbside charging infrastructure begins in regional Australia

EV infrastructure company, EVX, is working to bring convenient kerbside charging to regional Australia with its first installation in the Mid North Coast. The first dual EVX charger is now live in the popular beachside destination of Hawks Nest, just a stone’s throw from the sandy shores on Booner Street.

As an alternative to waiting for highway adjacent ‘rapid charging’, kerbside EV charging allows users to benefit from charging while at their destination when stopping for an hour or more. This type of charging infrastructure will be critical to tackling bottlenecks at other charging facilities, particularly during busy holiday periods.

This kerbside charger is part of a trial with EVX and Essential Energy to test the feasibility of installing chargers on Essential Energy-owned power poles across regional New South Wales.

EVX CEO, Andrew Forster, said: “EV-driving locals and tourists visiting this region are increasing, but the rate at which new public chargers are being built is not keeping up with the volume of new EVs on the road. We are thrilled to be part of the solution to bring more EV charging to regional Australia.” (for audio and video grabs of interview with Andrew Forster click here).

Essential Energy Chief Commercial Officer, Justin Hillier said: “More charging stations across regional, rural and remote NSW will help overcome one of the main barriers for those looking to purchase an EV – range anxiety. We are working with charge point operators, like EVX, and local councils, like MidCoast Council; to see more charge points installed on the network is part of our commitment to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles.”

MidCoast Council Mayor, Claire Pontin, added: “Having EV infrastructure readily available will be a game-changer for both residents of Hawks Nest and its visitors. These kerbside destination chargers will not only service the many locals who are becoming part of the global shift to EVs but also support our thriving tourism sector into the future as more people rely on EVs to travel longer distances.”

Kerbside charging essential for regional Australia

With more than 8 per cent[1] of new cars sold now running on electricity, regional areas are struggling to provide the infrastructure needed to sustain local EV drivers and EV-driving tourists.

Forster comments: “The barriers to buying an EV are starting to disappear, but while EV numbers on our roads are quickly rising, there’s still work to do to ensure Australia’s charging infrastructure keeps pace, particularly in rural and regional Australia which have so far been lagging city and metro areas.”

“When regional areas fall behind, this not only contributes to the range anxiety experienced by EV owners who travel longer distances, it also disincentivises those in regional areas to make the important switch to EVs.”

 Justin Hillier added: “A pole mounted charger is simply attached to an existing utility pole, without the need for more works. In many instances, it is a faster and easier way to roll out more kerbside charging options for customer access and convenience across our footprint.”

Mayor Pontin says: “We know that ‘range anxiety’ is still a real problem for EV owners, whether you are a local or someone looking at where to go on holiday with their EV. We are pleased that the MidCoast region can show what is possible and be an example to other regional areas.”

EVX at the forefront of Council and electricity distributor partnerships

EVX aims to partner with more electricity distributors and local councils to increase the availability of charging opportunities outside the home and fast-charging stations. To date, EVX has made agreements with Ausgrid, the City of Newcastle, and City of Sydney.

EVX’s one-of-a-kind kerbside chargers can be installed with ease on pre-existing (utility pole) infrastructure. The chargers have a low impact on the local electricity grid infrastructure by utilising AC charging with smart charging capability. Being built on existing power poles means the above-ground charging points are easily added without the need for major civil works.

EVX is one of the only charging technologies that has been locally designed and manufactured and is compliant with Australian regulations. EVX can partner with electricity distributors, like Essential Energy, to install chargers on existing electricity infrastructure, enabling a more cost-effective and quicker rollout of EV chargers.

About EVX:   

Founded in 2021, EVX is one of the country’s newest EV charging infrastructure companies. Recognising the lack of infrastructure for EV users without access to adequate home charging, founders Sean McGinty and Kevin Mooney took this challenge head-on.

The driving force behind EVX Australia is comprised of experts in their respective fields including engineers and senior managers from the telecommunications and automotive industries who have delivered public infrastructure and major projects in Australia and abroad.

EVX uses cutting-edge technology in its long-dwell chargers, giving drivers access to infrastructure that is crucial to promoting and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. The technology makes it easier and more convenient for people to charge their vehicles using 100 per cent green energy.

For more information visit https://evx.tech/.

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