Feet First Collective’s Melbourne premiere of Griffin Award Winning Play – This is Where We Live by Vivienne Walshe

This Is Where We Live Feet First Collective Featuring Samuel Addison and Lauren Beeton John Congear 5 scaled
This Is Where We Live Feet First Collective Featuring Samuel Addison and Lauren Beeton John Congear 5 scaled


Presented as part of Melbourne Fringe Theatre Works Festival Hub – 11-14 October 2022


This Is Where We Live by Vivienne Walshe is a powerful two hander. It is a story of disconnection and love set in a dusty town in regional Australia. This work will appeal to people who love new writing, physical theatre and young adults.

The director of the original production, Francesca Smith, describes it as a ‘giant theatrical poem’. The two finely etched archetypal ‘outsider’ characters become as universal in their resonance as their mythic counterparts Orpheus and Eurydice. Can Chloe and Chris beat the odds?

Feet First Collective is known for its larger scale immersive works. This Is Where We Live is an opportunity to see the company’s theatrically bold and physically inventive approach in miniature. Following a highly acclaimed run at Girls School at Perth’s Fringe World earlier this year, the core members of the company Teresa Izzard, Lauren Beeton, Samuel Addison, Dylan Dorotich and Donald Woodburn are excited to bring the production to Theatre Works for Melbourne Fringe!

Chloe the ‘bombshell’ comes from a background of domestic violence and suffers from dyslexia. Chris is the son of the English teacher and, despite being an ‘odd boy’ with a love of poetry and jazz, is destined to leave the gravel and heat for a life beyond Chloe’s destiny. They are drawn together but their powerful first love, like in the myth, is laced with tragedy.

The play exploits Australian speech and poetry creating a dynamic onomatopoeic experience. It forces the audience to untangle their story as we have all had to untangle the experience of young adulthood.

Feet First Collective’s Melbourne premiere of this winner of the prestigious Griffin Award, will offer audiences a physically ambitious staging, focussed on creating an aural and visceral encounter.

Praise for This Is Where We Live:

★★★★★ “… the impact of the inevitable conclusion is a tragic gut-punch delivered by a powerful group of theatre makers.” (Laura Money for The Fourth Wall)

★★★★★ “… This Is Where We Live by Vivienne Walshe is a sharp script rendered intense by Beeton and Addison’s high-octane performances.” (Laura Money for The Fourth Wall)

“…great theatre, powerful script with dark and light moments.” (Isabelle de Casamajor for Fringefeed)

“… excellent production, is innovative, exciting, and well worth seeing.” (Kimberley Shaw for Stage Whispers)

“Scenes are painted with a few words, characters appear from sharp descriptions, and sound effects are simple onomatopoeia.” (David Bravos for Broadway World)


Dates and Time: October 11th– 14th 2022 @ 7pm Venue: Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda. Tickets: $30 FULL $27 CONCESSION $20 MOB TIX

TO BOOK TICKETS visit melbournefringe.com.au or call (03) 9660 9666

Photography and Graphic Design: John Congear

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FeetFirstCollective

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