Fishers rejoice! Increasing chances to snag a bite in Camden


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AFTER Camden Council Restoration. Copyright: Brett Atkins 2023-4

Fishing in Camden is set to get a whole lot better after Camden Council recently completed a project which will encourage the increase in population of Australian Bass in the Nepean River at Spring Farm.

The works will also assist the passage of the Australian Bass through that area.

Project works included:

 Bank stabilisation and erosion control;
 Addition of large woody debris as fish habitat;
 Ongoing removal of balloon vine; and
 Planting more than 1500 native plants to stabilise the bank and provide habitat.

BEFORE Spring Farm Riverbank Restoration. Copyright: Brett Atkins 2023-4

The more than 1,500 plants were planted thanks to 55 volunteers who took part in Council’s Plant Trees to Help Fishies event.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Ashleigh Cagney, said local fishers would be incredibly pleased with the works.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from locals saying they would like to fish in the Nepean River and it’s surrounding lakes and so we wanted to carry out this project to make their wishes come true,” she said.

“We hope that, in time, these works will allow Australian Bass to thrive through the Nepean.”

Funding for the project was assisted by NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s Habitat Action Grant Program. You can find out more about the project by visiting Camden Council’s website.

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