Five Things Hoop Earrings Say About Your Personality

hoop earrings
hoop earrings

Even as you’re reading this now, a new fashion trend is being born somewhere in the world. Fashion is continually evolving, with outfits that are a hot trend today, instantly becoming a vintage outfit the very next day. Accessories are an incredibly important part of any outfit as the right accessories can make or break an outfit. One such accessory that has remained timeless throughout the years are earrings. Earrings can add that extra oomph to your outfit without going overboard.

They can tie the whole look of the outfit together and can revolutionize the way an outfit looks. You can even turn a casual look into a glamorous one if you pair it with the right kind of earrings. One type of jewellery that has braved fashion evolutions throughout the years to remain an iconic look has been the hoop earring. Hoop earrings look good with any outfit in so many different ways.

From simple hoop earrings that are perfect for work to studded ones that can be the best part of any party outfit, hoops go with everything. If you are a big proponent of wearing hoop earrings.

These Are Some Things That People Can Gauge Your Personality Through These Earrings.

They Make You Look Friendly And Approachable

Hoop earrings are timeless fashion accessories that go well with any outfit. When you are wearing hoop earrings, you are giving off a vibe of being incredibly friendly. People who wear hoop earrings like to keep things casual and may give off a vibe that they are pleasant to talk with. When you girls are wearing hoops, you instantly think of them as the girl next door. Hoops have always been associated with quirky and fun girls on television and other forms of media. It has seeped into real life too with people instantly associating hoop earrings with cute girls. It tells the world that you are open to new experiences and open to meeting new people. It gives off the vibe that you find delight in trying new things and do not shy away from change and adventure in life.

They Make You Look Romantic

Playing on the whole cute and quirky girl trope, hoops make you look incredibly passionate. You look like you enjoy the more beautiful things in life and being wooed by the perfect soulmate. They make it look like you didn’t put much thought in your outfit but just enough to impress people with your laidback fashion sense. Hoops are a gorgeous addition to any outfit. Plus with all the different sizes they come in, they can give off different vibes depending on their size. Don’t let anyone delude you or shame you into believing that hoops are trashy when the truth is quite the opposite of that. Imagine a cartoon being soaked in a romantic afterglow after they put on the perfect outfit. Hoops do that for you in real life. So if you want your potential suitors to see that you are for love and passion, then wear hoops to your next date and get ready to be amazed.

They Make You Look Passionate

five things hoop earrings say about your personality

For women all over the world, the hoops are a symbol of cultural identity. They have been worn for ages by women in your culture and you’re carrying forward that heritage. It’s not only an expression of a woman’s individuality but also what she is. Celebrities have been using hoops to make political statements for ages. From Cardi B to Beyonce, everyone has been wearing hopes to show that they won’t stifle their culture and that they’re proud of where they have come from. When you’re wearing a hoop, you are representing the culture where the hoop came from. You are telling the world that you respect that culture. It gives off a passionate vibe because people get the impression that you are aligned with the right causes in life.

They Make You Look Strong

Hoop earrings found their popularity in Latin culture with people like Jennifer Lopez rocking them everywhere from their music videos to red carpet events. When people see hope earrings, it reminds them of exotic places and the powerful women being symbols of resistance in those places. Outfits are not the only thing used as identity markers as jewellery also helps you create a persona for yourself. In that regard, hoops are what makes you powerful and influential. These hoops are an incredible fashion accessory that can instantly make you feel like a boss when you put them on. Celebrities have talked time and time again about how wearing a little part of their culture made them feel badass and like they could achieve anything that they set their minds to.

They Make You Look Like You Believe In Individuality

five things hoop earrings say about your personality

While hoops are a timeless style, they hit their peak in the 90s. So hoops are a throwback to the 90s fashion style that we all loved and adored. If you are preceding all other modern earring variants and still wearing hoops then you are giving off the vibe that you don’t care what the world thinks. It makes people feel that you believe in individuality and making decisions for yourself that is not based on popular trends and fashions. They tell the world that you would be down to indulge in fun stuff and be ready to get loose. They give off the vibe that you would do anything that you wanted regardless of how you looked doing it or what people would think about you while you were doing it.

Final Words

Not that you need any more reasons to rock those hoop earrings, but they flatter your face more than you think. Hoop earrings draw the attention towards your face when you want your face to be the star of your look. So when you want your jaw to pop out and your outfit to rock, you know which earrings are going to get that job done for you.


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